7 Quirky Tips from Trafford Publishing

Trafford Publishing brings you 7 writing tips that you probably wonai??i??t hear from anyone else. They are unique; however, they are definitely useful. Donai??i??t be afraid to push the boundaries and try something a little different.

Write a lot.Ai??Funnily enough, one of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to write! Sound odd doesnai??i??t it? The more you write, the better you get. Not only will your writing see vast improvements, it will allow you to write a lot more fluently and easily. The days of bleeding from your forehead will soon be over.

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Read prior to writing. In order to get the creative juices flowing, read before you write. Take a car for example, if you turn the motor on for five minutes before you start it, it will run a lot smoother. This way, when you sit down to write your brain will already be oiled up, so to speak.

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Be direct. Donai??i??t you sometimes wish that people would say what everybody is thinking but nobody ever says? For example, your start taking a shower and you wash your face with the bath cloth first, then your private parts lastai??i?? did you ever think about the person before you washing their private parts with it last? Say these types of things!

Donai??i??t be too conscious of others. You canai??i??t please everyone. Every time you cut something out of your writing, the quality of your work reduces. This is not to say offend everyone from each gender, race, age or complexion, however donai??i??t hold back or your writing will end up at 20% of its potential.

Have an attention grabbing title. Your book may be about overcoming the majority by means of something extremely unique ai??i?? A good title may be ai???Running naked quells the masses.ai??i?? Although there may be no running naked in your novel, it still works as well as grabbing your prospective audienceai??i??s attentions.

Risperdal consta generic date Thieve. This is not literally to thieve, however, if you know of a type of character that people are known to love, by all means create a similar character. If a story line or specific genre tends to draw a large readership, change it around a bit and use it!

Take risks. The majority of the rules above tend to push the boundaries. If you take risks with your content, the reader will definitely detect it, and engagement is the result. If you are not taking risks, the reader will inevitably move on to the next book.

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner will return soon with some more helpful writing advice to further your writing skills and help you advance in the wonderful world of books. In the meantime, visit us on Facebook!

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