Notable Trafford Authors!

Trafford loves to salute its authors who have made great strides! Please check out the list below to read about Trafford authors and their great achievements.

Sally C. Knox, Pickles and Jane: A major attraction at the American Library Association Midwinter Show (2016). It is a Childrenai??i??s Book that focuses on ai???non-trite life lessonsai???.

hofferAnne Short, Choices 7 Steps: Life Lessons 101: winner of the Eric Hoffer* Award Self-Published category, 2015. The book talks about the seven stages of a ai???moral reasoning conflict resolution therapeutic programai??? and garnered praise from the US Review of Books, which complimented it for its ai???enthusiastic and sincere intention to convey succinct, worthwhile The book also made it to the Grand Prize Short List.

Order claritin d from canada * The Eric Hoffer Award for books and short prose honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing as well as the independent spirit of small publishers. Since its inception, the Eric Hoffer Book Award has become one of the largest international awards for small, academic, and independent presses.

Mary C. Dye, Assumptions Can Mislead: Eric Hoffer Award, Grand Prize Short List, 2015. First runner-up honors in the Health category

Thomas Arner, Through the Valley of the Deep Darkness: Eric Hoffer Award, Grand Prize Short List, 2015. First runner up, Legacy Nonfiction class.

Gordon L. Ewell, A Lifetime at War: first runner-up award in the Self-Help genre, Eric Hoffer Awards, 2015

Ruby Lee Tuesday, Better Believe: A Story of Hope: her journey of overcoming the darkness of abuse and being thrust into the light of healing where eventually finds herself for the first time. Reviewed by the St. Augustine Record where it is described as a ai???valuable contribution as a first-hand evidence of what a critical period childhood is in determining a personai??i??s Take a look at this video feature where Tuesday talks about her book and even gives readers a peek of whatai??i??s inside when she reads a few lines from it.

Jamarica S. Jones, A Legacy of Words: Honorable Mention for Legacy Fiction, 2015, Eric Hoffer

Robert M. Miller, A Blue-Bellied Yankee: Honorable Mention for Legacy Nonfiction, Eric Hoffer, 2015

sharing her joy through writingBarbara Anne Syassen, The Tree That Talks: Trafford author Barbara Anne Syassen was a guest on the show Americaai??i??s Forum where she discussed her book The Tree That Talks and its profound message of encouraging kids to go outside to ai???live in the You can watch the clip here.

Trafford Published Author Isaac BowersIsaac Bowers, Good Knights for California Football: Isaac is an 8th grade author (as of 2015). The book is about family, football, and community.

Carolyn Fleming, Journey Proud:Ai?? First Horizon Award, Eric Hoffer Awards, 2014.

Gerald Holt, Flames in the Ruins: Finalist in 2014 for Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal. The Montaigne Medal centers on books that enlighten, advance, or empower thought. Ai??The book is a mystery about post-war ruins in Hamburg.

Purchase purim party Len Kurzawa, Twitter spy, Mobile tracking. The Fundamental Force:Finalist in 2014 for Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal. An appreciation and understanding of the structure of space and the entire universe.

Henry O. Urquhart, From the Heart: Finalist for 2014 Eric Hoffer DaVinci Eye Award, for books with exceptional cover artwork, judged on both content and style.

L.D. Nascimento,Ai??The Curse of the Golden City: Finalist for 2014 Eric Hoffer DaVinci Eye Award, for books with exceptional cover artwork, judged on both content and style.

Patrick Power, The Package: Finalist for 2014 Eric Hoffer DaVinci Eye Award, for books with exceptional cover artwork, judged on both content and style.

Pain and Purpose in the Pacific - Best Book Award FinalistRichard Carl Bright, Pain and Purpose in the Pacific: Finalist for the 2014 USA Best Book Awards.

Dina Andrews, Tears in the Sand: Ai??earned a spot on the New Title Showcase at the 2014 London Book Fair.

Marti Regan, Lazy Daisy, the Love Dog: 2013 Global E-book Silver Award for Children Picture Books in the Fiction Category, and earlier in the summer, it received a 2013 Honorable Mention from the New York Book Festival for Childrenai??i??s Books.

Karen Ann Bevelle, The Lost Goddess: A fourth-grade short story competition, in which her daughter was an award winning applicant, prompted Bevelle to develop her daughterai??i??s short story into a novel.

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