Trafford Publishing: 5 Tips for Naming Your Fictional Characters

Trafford Publishing: naming your characters

Trafford Publishing: naming your characters

How many of you have spent countless hours trying to figure out the perfect name for your characters? Naming your characters is not easy, however, if you spend some time doing some research the Trafford Publishing way, it can be quite fun. Here are some tips to get you on track:


Impressions: As the writer, it is important that your readers remember your characters after they have read your book. This is why it is important to take your time. If your hero is a strong and wealthy character, would you name him name him Craig Daisy? Or would Maxwell Charles Knight III be a better name? The longer your characterai??i??s name, the more astute and powerful he will seem.

Era. You will get caught out from readers if you do not appreciate popular names within certain eras. If you are trying to name a young female in the 1930ai??i??s, Betty, Dorothy or Shirley would suit perfectly. If you name this character Makayla or Brittany, youai??i??re readers will be a little put off.

Read your names aloud. Buy cannabidiol cost Buy paroxetine hydrochloride Remeron price in egypt In this day and age, many books are being converted into audio books or text-to-speech books. Although your name may be perfectly normal on paper, the use of vowels at the start of the surname may make both names sound as one.

Mix it up. Readers often confuse names, for this reason it is a beneficial idea to mix up your names as much as possible to make them distinguishable. Use names with different initials for the first name and use a different number of syllables as much as you can for your characterai??i??s names.

Alliteration. In certain instances, it is advised to use alliteration for the initials of your character if you want this character to be especially noticeable. For example, think of Tolkienai??i??s masterpiece ai???The Hobbitai??i?? ai??i?? the name Bilbo Baggins draws a lot of attention.

Trafford Publishing Author’s Corner has hoped these helpful hints have you helped you pave the way for some names that will be remembered throughout generations! Visit Trafford Publishing on Facebook to keep you up to date with everything in the world of publishing. Ai??

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