Trafford Publishingai??i??s Top 7 Proofreading Tips

Trafford Publishing: Proofreading

Trafford Publishing: Proofreading

Trafford Publishing is aware of the importance of Proofreading. Proofreading is the last line of defense concerning the quality of your work. Although there may not be a foolproof formula to perfect proofreading, Trafford Publishing Author’s Corner shares the top proofreading tips to cross the tai??i??s and dot the iai??i??s.


Buy carbozyne reviews Read aloud. Reading aloud is a very common but very effective technique when it comes to proofreading. When you read in your head, you often miss errors as your eyes glance over the words. Contrary to this, you will often pick up errors by reading the text aloud.

Read the text backward. By reading the text backward, it prevents your mind from getting ai???caught upai??i?? in the meaning of the sentence, but rather allows you to focus on the actual spelling and grammar of individual words.

Create a checklist. There are two types of checklist you can create. If you are proofreading your own work, there are going to be common mistakes that you know you regularly make. If you are proofreading someone elseai??i??s work, make a checklist of the generalized common mistakes such as agreement of nouns and verbs, homophones (theyai??i??re/there/their) etcai??i??

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Use Spell-Check. Although this may seem obvious, people tend to think they are more intelligent than Spell-Check. On occasion, you will end up ignoring Spell-Checkai??i??s suggestions however; it is a very efficient tool to pick-up on common spelling mistakes.

Dictionary. Continuing on from the previous tip, your Spell-Check can only tell if a word is the correct spelling of a word, not if it is the correct word. For example, you might have written ai???the dog was sitting right hear. Your spell check may not pick-up on the word ai???hearai??i?? that should be ai???

Print out a hard-copy. Always print out a hard copy of your work. By printing out a copy you are giving yourself a different format. This might help you catch errors that you have previously missed on your computer screen.

Do it all again. Once you have proofread using the previous six steps, do it all again with the same meticulousness. By deleting or inserting words, you may have thrown off the sentence completely.

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