Trafford presents: Nine Tenths of a Century (Part 1)

Trafford author Alex Caemmerer

Trafford author Alex Caemmerer

Imagine the myriad of thoughts that have accumulated in oneai??i??s mind over nine tenths of a century. Trafford Publishing author Alex Caemmerer Jr. has had the time to respond to many articles in newspapers over the years, so much so, he compiled his book Letters to the Editor. Caemmerer Jr. was willing to share some of the topics presented in his book with Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner.Ai?? Ai??


Having been around for quite a while, — like nine-tenths of a century! — I have been witness to extraordinary and fascinating changes in our society. As a teenager I wanted to be a minister, until I began to realize that what they were expecting me to believe was really not very believable.


So I switched to medicine, specializing in psychiatry, which offered Ec naprosyn price me an opportunity to be of some use to people who were seriously interested in understanding their own mental functioning and how it was affecting their lives.Ai?? My emphasis was on how early experiences were still influencing their self-perceptions, behavior, interpersonal experiences as well as occupational decisions and functioning.


My professional training occurred during the hay-day of psychoanalysis, when we all saw it as the answer to just about everything. It was the religion of psychiatrists of the time and held the promise of equipping them to solve everyone’s psychological problems. Unfortunately, the therapeutic results were disappointing and failed to deliver what its adherents hoped it would.


One phenomenon that is striking to anyone who has lived for these last decades, is the fact that societal mores, the sexual revolution and all that How much lady era brought with it, like the relaxing of aggressive inhibitions and behavior as well–and its consequences. It has virtually changed life in these United States almost beyond recognition. I can recall when men couldnai??i??t appear on public beaches topless!


Then there’s religion, which has also taken some rather dramatic turns—like the whole evangelical movement, with its massive radio and TV—Ai?? Televangelist congregations, too often led Omnicef cost walmart byAi?? very popular and out-spoken preachers –some of whom eventuallyAi?? got themselves in trouble with the law. They also came out with some of the mostAi?? outrageous and almost laughable, irrational pronouncements andAi??Ai?? observations , amounting to almost terrorism in some cases, in an effort to scare people into ai???believingai???.


The language has changed—new and emotionally charged words and phrases —Ai?? obscenitiesAi?? have become commonplace almost beyond belief with totally uninhibited usage of heretofore prohibited inAi?? theater,Ai?? movies, radio, TV . We were all shocked to hear Clark Gable tell Vivien Leigh in ‘”Gone With the Wind” — ” I don’t give a damn!'”

Alex Caemmerer’s Trafford Bibliography:


  • LETTERS to THE EDITOR that were never published


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