Trafford presents: Nine Tenths of a Century (Part 2)

Trafford author Alex Caemmerer

Trafford author Alex Caemmerer

Iai??i??m not sure about you, but I love getting lost in my reveries, one thought leading to another and at times straying away on a tangent. It is suffice to say that the cogitation of someone who has lived nine tenths of a century would probably be a lot deeper than the objective person. Here, Trafford author Alex Caemmerer Jr. concludes the topics that occupied his mind throughout his life that also emerged in his book Letters to the Editor.Ai??


The business community has experienced some of the most outrageous excesses in CEO compensation, net worth accumulation, and exclusivity making the participation of the average person at a significant disadvantage in dealing with their own attempts to prepare for their later years. Many of these tycoons became money addicts and ruined their lives by their illegal maneuverings, and even landing in jail.


The business news has its own unique metaphors of excess and casino- like atmosphere.— trying its best to scareAi?? the public into making frequent stock trading decisions.


The societal attitude about homosexually has changed beyond recognition, from the time when its behavior was against the law, wand gays were routinely arrested to its almost universal acceptance in the form of legalizing same-sex marriage.


All these areas have kept my attention, so as interesting articles have appeared in the press on any of these subjects, I have had a lot of fun responding with my own observations in the form of “letters to the editor”, mostly to that Mrsa treatment bactrim keflex incredible paper, The New York Times. I wrote well over a hundred letters over the years.


Fortunately a handful of my letters have appeared in print in the paper during the past ten or so years. Although I am still practicing my profession, I have limited my time in the office, Order lady era side which has given me the time to write and have published two other books. The first two were both books on the historic architecture of two cities world- famous for it –Key West, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana.Ai?? They were both published by regular book publishers.


Then I found out about the self- publishing possibility, so I set my sights on organizing my letters into chapters withAi?? an introductory description of each subject, achieving beyondAi?? my wildest dreams , the publication of a book of my own thoughts,Ai?? opinions and ideas.


The fact that so much expressed in Buy skunk seeds with paypal this book is very controversial, I really can’t expect much acceptance or agreement with its content. Hopefully it will stimulate at least some interest, discussion as well as some constructive criticism.

Alex Caemmerer’s Trafford Bibliography:

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