Trafford Presents the Philosophy of Bernard T. Smith (Part 1)

Philosophy of Information by Trafford Author Bernard T Smith

Philosophy of Information by Trafford Author Bernard T Smith

What is our purpose on planet earth? This is the question that Trafford author Bernard T. Smith poses in part one of his two-part series for Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner.


Having now had two books very beautifully, and very successfully published, by Trafford Publishing (Author Solutions Incorporated), I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to take part in developing the Trafford Publishing Blog about my publishing experience and the reasons why I wanted to write my two books at all.


My first book, published in 2007, is called A Philosophy of Information (Information is the Power that Drives and Controls us All). My second book is a very different and shorter book (200 pages), and is called Memoires of Japan 1946 (A people Bowed But Not Broken).


Although my two books are very different Is generic paxil just as good in subject matter, they are in many ways related because in both of them, I continually ask ai???Who are we, here on earth, doing what we do?ai??i?? Why are we here at all – undergoing these remarkable things which we are called on to experience? What is the purpose of it all? Does there have to be a purpose?


Although humanity has been faced with these same questions since the days of Socrates and Plato – and before then, it seemed that we were destined never to have the answers.


Both books, I do believe, show that we have good reasons not to do stupid things, not to take wrong directions, and certainly very good reasons not to succumb to the terrible ordeals and disasters which our living often entails.


My first book was written after my lifelong career in the development of Information Technology, when those of us working in the field had a first glimpse of the Cheap diabecon reviews tremendous impact that new technology was going to have on peoplesai??i?? lives. The emblem on the cover of my book, SOS (Save Our Species) was not an idle threat. Its message was, and still is, that we must avoid the many pitfalls awaiting us due to our obsession with ever new technology and uncontrollable exuberance in using it.


We must certainly not become Luddites; but we do need to be aware of the unintended and dangerous consequences of becoming a digital world of computers, the Internet, iphone, ipad and other similar gadgets, and leading not least to social unrest.


These problems should be tackled much earlier than they are.


My book concludes that there is at least one primary objective of living, and that is Order naprosyn ec that we should all be guided first by a desire to leave the world in a better and happier place than it was in when we arrived.

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Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner will return soon with part two of Bernard T Smithai??i??s two-part series where he discusses his second book as well as his reviews and marketing efforts.

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