Trafford Presents the Philosophy of Bernard T. Smith (Part 2)

Memoires of Japan by Trafford author Bernard T. Smith

Memoires of Japan by Trafford author Bernard T. Smith

Welcome back as Trafford brings you the second part of Bernard T Smithai??i??s two part series. Here, he extends to the Trafford community his thoughts on his second book Memoires of Japan 1946 as well as the myriad of positive reviews he has acquired for both his titles.


My second book echoes this theme too but in particular it emphasises the perils of nuclear warfare. My book especially pays tribute to the Japanese Cheap lady era reviews people in the way which they faced up to the aftermath of the devastating nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII.


Again, I find no answers as to why I and others Purchase lady era reviews were suddenly there to witness, and undergo the experiences we did in 1946, but at least my book shows how well the Japanese people so remarkably and successfully overcame their terrible ordeals. There are personal lessons in the book for all of us.




Publishing technology has advanced remarkably, even since the publication of my first book in the year 2007. My book still has a quite good but static webpage. My second book reflecting even new technology has an ingeniously designed changeable website and, even more stunningly it has a voice trailer which is more like the introduction of a Video or even a film than a book!




There are splendid reviews of both books. A Philosophy of Information was first reviewed by the British Computer Society which named it Book of the Month and gave it a score of Ten out of Ten. See review here.


This was followed by an excellent four star review by Kristine Morris of Forward Reviews in the United States.


Memoires of Japan 1946 was first given a splendid review by Sir Hugh Cortazzi for the Japan Society in the UK.


BlueInk gave a very good review of my memoires book in April 2013.


All of the above have been have been augmented by Sale diakof many encouraging personal comments such as , ai???I love the way you write,ai???Ai?? ai???I could hardly put the book down,ai??? or ai???I wanted to get back to it as quickly as I could!ai???




I have a personal Website which was started for my first book which can be seen here. This site also has links to other relevant sites and blogs, and especially to my WordPress Blog.


All this, I had thought, would start a philosophical interest in my writings. Alas, this to date hasnai??i??t been so. Hopefully Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner will, to the contrary, lead to much more success in helping me to achieve what I am after.

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