Sharing Mental Opulence Through Childrens’ Books

sharing her joy through writing

sharing her joy through writing

There is no denying the positive effects that meditation can have on our mental capability and resourcefulness, yet finding this inner ai???peaceai??i?? is not a matter of clicking oneai??i??s fingers. Trafford author Barbara Syassen-Beer was one of the auspicious individuals among us whoAi??wouldn’tAi??succumbAi??to the adversityAi??that she was faced with, but rather capitalized on the dynamic aspects of her existence. This was the beginning of Syassen-Beerai??i??s path to composure, enchantment andAi??fulfillment.

As a result, Syassen-Beer continues to meditate and align herself with the notion that contentmentAi??isn’tAi??a result of acquiring something we donai??i??t have, butAi??rather acknowledging and responding to the multitude of things we do have.


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I have always been inspired by the Dalai Lamaai??i??s quote:ai???If all the children all over the world were taught to meditate and practiced it, this would create peace and eliminate Ai??I do believe this is so true, as I practice meditation and have experienced many positive results from it. Ai??This has rubbed off on my children, and now they also practice meditation and are living positive, wonderful lives.

About 24 years ago I was going through a difficult period of my life, and I kept praying and asking for peace ai???Ask and ye shall receiveai??? Receive I did! A beautiful friend gave me a wonderful book written by Wayne Dyer and in it he talked about meditation and finding peace. Ai??I couldnai??i??t receive peace straight away for I had to do the work of meditation, and stilling my mind to find peace. Ai??When I first started meditation, I would start off with one minute, which led to five minutes then to fifteen ai??i?? thirty and eventually to an hour. Ai??When the mind is full of thoughts it is so difficult to meditate. Ai??We need to stand still and release the thoughts and through a lot of practice, this leads to longer periods of meditation. Ai??ai???Stand still and see that I am Godai??? Ai??Ai??Standing still helps us to connect to a higher power which then helps us in the areas of meditation and its many positive effects.

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Meditation is a vital ingredient for life for all adults and children as it has a positive effect on the mind, body and spirit. Ai??Meditation helps to calm the mind, and when the mind and thoughts are calm, this allows the Central Nervous System to release calm hormones, chemicals, nerve impulses to relax body organs, and this works alongside the homeostasis of the body, which is the bodyai??i??s ability to balance and heal itself. Ai??ai???Heal thyself physicianai??? – We do have the ability to heal ourselves.

Smiling Minds a team of psychologists in Australia have introduced meditation to over 5000 schools and have put together these results from children who practice meditation ai??i??

It improved working memory/ improved the ability to pay attention/ reduced stress/ increased resilience/ Children were more settled and more focused

Meditation also helps children to live in the moment, have compassion, love, patience, kindness, self control, forgiveness, gratitude and all the fruits of the spirit.

The positive results which I gained from meditation were:

It helped me to think more positively and be at peace/ Helped to heal ailments/ Helped me to lose weight/ Helped me to connect with like minded people/ Helped me to pursue acts of kindness Ai??and basically life improved.

Above all meditation helped me to connect with the Inner God ( a wonderful power that wants us all to have the best in life) Ai??The Inner God led me on a journey to discover my Inner Child which we tend to lose during teenage years and adulthood. Well, I did anyway! Ai??There was a reason for me to discover my Inner Child and that was ai???To enter the spiritual realms, one needs to become a little Ai??As I discovered my Inner Child, it brought back many memories of my childhood years which I spent in Hula, a place in the Pacific. Ai??My sisters and I went to International schools in Port Moresby, PNG and every school holidays were spent in Hula.

Hula was a little village two hours south-east of Port Moresby. Ai??It had a community environment very close to nature. Ai??It had no power and was surrounded by palm trees, the ocean, and lots of land growing organic fruits and vegetables. Ai??We also fetched fresh water from underground wells. Ai??So you can imagine how close to nature we were. Ai??I spent a lot of time enjoying the moment and making good use of what was right in front of me. Ai??I then started applying my childhood experiences mainly ai???Spending time with natureai??? and ai???Living in the Momentai??? to my adult years along with meditation, and this has greatly helped me and my children to live a more positive, happier life.

All the above have inspired me to write ai???The Tree That Talksai??? Ai??and also ai???The Happy Rainbowai??? Ai??- a book about coloring your world with positive, bright colors and pictures. Ai??I am now on my next two books: Ai??ai???The Shining Starsai??? ai??i?? a book about acts of kindness and ai???Cheeney, the Friendly Dolphinai??? ai??i?? a book about the thoughts that grew.

I encourage parents to teach their children the precious arts of Living in the Moment, Meditation and spending time with Nature, as when practiced consistently, they can help children live positive, happy lives.

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