Trafford: Fulfilling a Fatherai??i??s Wish (Part 2)

Trafford Author Dat Phung To

Trafford Author Dat Phung To

Welcome back to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Cornerai??i??s two part series from Trafford author Dat Phung To. Here, he talks about his acceptance to pack-up-shop in Vietman and transfer his life to the United States through a refugee program. He also shares how he fulfilled his fatherai??i??s wish. Ai??Ai??

In the United States, my wife and I worked really hard to survive and support our two sons in order for them to go to school. The younger son graduated in 1999 as a mechanical engineer and the older son is a mechanic. Both are now able to prosper in their lives. On October 31st 2003 I retired and I now look after my grandchildren.

In respecting my fatherai??i??s wishes, I began to write Ancient and Modern Mathematics since I retired. I completed my book on April 30th 2011, 36 years after Saigon fell.

My text book consists of two parts. In the first part, there are 14 ancient problems. In the second part, I introduce the partial permutations theory. The problems in the first part are set up in order from the easiest to the toughest. Most are solved by my own method that has never been practiced before.

Regarding the second part of this textbook, I unexpectedly discovered the partial permutations while I read the Order antivert uses problem of derangement discovered by Bernoulli and Pierre Raymond De Montmort. It gave me the idea to develop the partial permutations theory.

The formula of derangements demonstrated by the aforementioned scholars is based on the ai???recontres numbersai??? and the ai???inclusive-exclusiveai??? method. This method is not clear, likewise it is a conjecture. On the other hand, my demonstration for this formula is based on the Listen to purim music online theorem 2 of the partial permutations theory, itai??i??s logical and easy to understand.

Finally I hope that my textbook will provide pleasure for those who love mathematics, or at least it will help them not despair. It would also be useful for high school students as well as first and second year Cheap diabecon tablets university students.

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