The Journey of Trafford Author, Ken Hultman

Trafford author Ken Hultman

Trafford author Ken Hultman

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner welcomes Trafford author Ken Hultman. Have you ever wondered where ideas behind books come from? Events in oneai??i??s life coupled with realizations at the most unique of times can lead to becoming a published author as Hultman can attest.



The Journey of Trafford Author, Ken Hultman

by Ken Hultman


After several frustrating experiences with New York publishing houses, I switched to self-publishing to retain control over book content.

Iai??i??m very proud of the two books published by Trafford: Becoming a Genuine Giver: Overcoming Relationship Barriers, and Becoming a Person of Destiny: Discovering and Fulfilling your Lifeai??i??s Purpose.Ai?? I call them my ai???Becomingai??? series, which deal with what I consider to be the two core issues of young adulthood: establishing healthy relationships and finding oneai??i??s purpose in life, respectively.

These books have interesting stories behind them.Ai?? Becoming a Genuine Giver is based around the Interpersonal Motivation Scale, which distinguishes nine major motives in relationships.Ai?? The idea is that we each have a mixture of all nine motives in varying degrees; the instrument allows people to become more aware of motives limiting them in relationships, and then develop plans for overcoming these limits.

In 2002 I had a flash of insight clarifying all nine motives, while walking along the ocean in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.Ai?? Since authors can never be sure when major book ideas will be revealed, they must always be prepared to receive them.Ai?? For me this is the exciting part about being a writer; the Cost of flonase vs nasonex rest is largely hard work and self-discipline.

Many people get good ideas, but they lack the discipline to do the hard work.

In September, 2005 my wife and I were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and I spent a year looking for work before returning to my previous job on the Gulf Sale lady era Coast.Ai?? This experience caused me to question my purpose in life, and I entered into an extended period of self-examination and reading.

I spent two years reading books in sociology, anthropology, psychology, social psychology, philosophy, and religion, without any idea that this might form the basis for another book.Ai?? Gradually a new book theme emerged and Becoming a Person of Destiny was published in 2012.

This experience demonstrates that adversity can be a good teacher, if you remain optimistic and look for lessons that might deepen your understanding and benefit others.Ai?? Now I devote my energy to conducting workshops and seminars on these two books, in an effort to help people improve their relationships and define more clearly what they want to do with their knowledge and skills.

Iai??i??m very proud of my two Trafford books, and have had an excellent experience working with the companyai??i??s highly professional staff.Ai?? These books are the fulfillment of a dream and allow me to lead a very meaningful life, dedicated to making the world a better place.Ai?? More can be learned about me and my work on my website,

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