PTSD: Lessons from a Military Father 2

Trafford Publishing author Jenny La Sala

Trafford Publishing author Jenny La Sala

Welcome back to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner as we continue Trafford Publishing author Jenny La Salaai??i??s two part series. In part one, La Sala shared with us her realization of the effects war can have on our servicemen, particularly her father. Here, La Sala uncovers the extent to which PTSD can cripple our serviceman and their beloved ones upon return.Ai??



War changes a soldier.Ai?? It changes his family too. The battle does not end when Where to buy benfotiamine in canada the troops come home.Ai?? My father used to say, “We all have our cross to bear.”


Dad suffered from severe pain caused by shrapnel, intense night terrors and a sometimes-quick temper to an otherwise gentle disposition.


These traits had an enormous impact on me as a little girl, but nothing came near the times when dad would leave with his hunting rifle and threaten suicide. The house became silent. My mother was silent. I didn’t move or speak. But he always returned with everyone acting as though nothing happened…


Only after the passing of my father and publishing his letters did I fully appreciate both the greatness of my father and the silent struggles he constantly battled. His letters have allowed me to offer greater love and compassion to Spy app, Whatsapp spy. others impacted by what we now is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.


My brother and Vietnam veteran ex-husband each presented similar traits upon their return from combat, traits that I now understand. Such has become the impetus for my advocacy in helping with PTSD and my next Spy app, How to hack messages in iphone. project which will encompass stories of all veterans of all wars to reveal the common thread of war that all soldiers share, the invisible scars of war.


We all have two people inside of us, one that is who we are and one that is who we can be.Ai??Sometimes, life can get interrupted by the call to arms or any kind of trauma leaving a long lasting and undetected, silent imprint on our souls.


Perhaps in understanding our fathers, we can begin to understand ourselves a bit more.


Jenny La Sala – Author of Comes a Soldierai??i??s Whisper


We hope you enjoyed Jenny La Sala’s two-part series. For more information on La Sala and Comes a Soldier’s Whisper, you can visit her on Facebook and Twitter, as well as checking out the Comes a Soldier’s Whisper website. Trafford Publishing will return soon!

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