Trafford Author Lindsay Baker Shares His Story

Trafford Author Lindsay Baker

Trafford Author Lindsay Baker

Trafford Publishing Author’s Corner welcomes our very first guest blogger! Trafford published author Lindsay Baker shares with us the story behind his writing and his children’s adventure story Wingnut.


My name is Lindsay Baker, I Write my paper am the author of a childrenai??i??s adventure story called Wingnut: Operation Payback.


As a first time author, I had no idea how to go about writing a book.

I received the initial inspiration from an acquaintance, who provided some friendly encouragement and advice.

I thought about my young son, who was a classic, reluctant reader and all the giggles we had together as I made up short stories about him, his bike, his cat, and assorted gross stuff that was only talked about with the other boys in the playground.

I had experienced a carefree childhood, where we had plenty of places to roam free from potential supervision. We had no concept of being kidnapped, abducted or molested. But we were alert to neighbourhood bullies and kids from rival neighbourhoods.

Our summer holidays were filled with a colorful spectrum of innocent adventures and mishaps, which provided a rich assortment of humorous reminiscing whenever I got together with the old neighbourhood gang. All of whom are now mature adults, in their late 50ai??i??s.

So-when a midlife trauma eventually manifested; I found myself divorced, leaving my Cost of wellbutrin sr at walgreens job of 25 years and moving to a big city where I didnai??i??t know a single soul; I remembered my friendai??i??s advice. She had also said a couple of years earlier, that if I ever did write a book:

ai???Donai??i??t write it thinking that you are going to become a millionaire, just write it for fun and for your

So, with that in mind, I purchased a notebook and a mechanical pencil; packed a bunch of snacks and a picnic blanket and walked to a small local park on a Sunday morning, sat on the blanket and simply began writing.

Since then, I have taken off on my motorcycle and spent countless Sunday afternoons sitting on a blanket; in forests, on river banks, in parks or wherever the mood of the day took me-writing my little stories.

Onlookers would figure that I was all alone, sitting there for hours by myself, but in fact, I was with Wingnut and his friend, thoroughly entertained and cracking myself up laughing at the antics that I had just created.

Iai??i??m well into writing a second book, whilst engaging How much does synthroid cost in canada in marketing strategies for the first. The marketing phase is not even close to being fun; however I still enjoy writing away in the countryside, entertaining myself with the antics of a couple of 10 year old boys.

So I did write the book for fun and writing the second one is just as much fun.

Iai??i??m still not a millionaire, so I guess the advice was sound.

You can visit Lindsay Baker’s Wingnut Facebook page here or you can visit Trafford’s facebook page here.

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