Trafford Presents: Faith Facts (Part 2)

Trafford author Mary Ann Gillispie

Trafford author Mary Ann Gillispie

Trafford author Mary Ann Gillispie returns for the second part of her three-part Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner series. In this part, Gillispie extends some more defined information about the fulfilled prophecy and her decision to take the road less traveled.Ai??

To be totally honest, I saw the title Endtime Reapers in a vision and knew that I was to proceed with writing a book with the Biblical historical documentation that I had accumulated, so others could read and understand that Danielai??i??s seventy-week vision was fulfilled completely by 70 A.D.,

In fact, most of Daniel has been fulfilled, but that suggestion isnai??i??t popular with most denominations who embrace an end-time doctrine that is only one hundred years old. My research also revealed that the Book of Revelation is nearly all fulfilled ai??i?? not yet to be fulfilled as the modern prognosticators insist.

The twenty-first century society seems to hate their past because they are fervently re-visioning the American history that is taught at all levels of education. But, the church also seems to hate their true history, or may just be ignorant, but I happen to like the facts, even if they are not acceptable to the mainstream. New facts changed my mind ai??i?? maybe they will do the same for other truth Combivent nebulizer cost seekers.

In Endtime Reapers I combine the Revelation visions of like subjects, such as chapters 13 and 17, into one chapter for better understanding and clarity. Then I establish a timeline for each chapter, explaining where, when, and by whom each of the visions were fulfilled.

Looking back on fulfilled prophecy that has already been Keppra order online documented by historians is quite easy, whereby attempting to interpret the future is quite dangerous, yet so many have chosen this road.

I chose the road less travelled, but I believe the curious seeker, who really loves facts, and actually wants to know the truth about these prophetic books, will find this book a fascinating read that will dispel the mysterious cloud over these prophecies, making them crystal clear.

When the metaphors, idioms and symbolism are explained you will finally be able to say when you read the book of Revelation, ai???Oh, is that what that scripture means? Wow, now Buy seroquel xr I understand!ai???

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