Trafford Presents Patriotism (Part 1)

A New Brand of Patriotism by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

A New Brand of Patriotism by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

Trafford Publishing Author Paul Ehrlich returns to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner for yet another interesting series on patriotism. Thereai??i??s a very clear divide between the rich and poor in the United States, as Ehrlich coins it ai???The Money Disease,ai??i?? and something needs to be done about it. Ai??Ai??


We were a group of five former Air Force pilots that used to enjoy getting together and grousing about this and that, and we always ended up talking about what was happening to America, our beloved country that we had all fought for in Colchicine where to buy different wars.



When we were young, America had been the hope of the world, possibly the greatest country that had ever been, but now America seemed to us to be sliding down at an alarming rate. All Five of us had been Air Force pilots medaled for outstanding bravery, and one night after the coffee and cake was finished and we had talked about everything else, Bill looked at Cheap aleve vs ibuprofen Monte and said, ai???Why donai??i??t we meet together every week and talk about what we can do about


ai???What can we do about it?ai??? asked Hank. ai???Everybody seems to have caught the money disease. Some people turn into billionaires, and some turn out to be living on the street because theyai??i??re broke. Is there any cure for the money disease?ai???

ai???I bet there is,ai??? said Bill. ai???Neither of us has the disease. None of our group has it. We just fly people around who have the diseaseto wherever they want togo, to all the fancy places. Letai??i??s talk about this with JJ. He might have some good


So Bill and Hank cornered Jeremy Jasperai??i??actually ex-Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Jasper, known as JJ, who was sort of the leader of the group, and JJ was all for it. ai???I donai??i??t know if we can actually get something going,ai??? said JJ, ai???but itai??i??s certainly worth a try. Better than just grousing about it all the

ai???We might need someone on our side who has some real money,ai??? said Monte.

ai???I think I know just the right guy,ai??? said JJ. ai???Jim Huffingston. Supposed to have seventeen or eighteen billion, but lately heai??i??s been giving Mexican beggars money and slapping them on the back, like he enjoys

ai???Huffingston has a great wife,ai??? said Monte.Ai?? ai???Beautiful, and very

ai???Ah,ai??? said JJ. ai???Too bad. When you came over and talked to me I thought you were serious. What we can do to get the real America back. The way it used to be when we were young. Now all I hear is how nice Huffingstonai??i??s wife

ai???We are serious,ai??? said five voices.

ai???And she is very pretty,ai??? said Hank.

ai???Hank, boy, Shut up,ai??? said five voices, and Hank just stood there like the proverbial whipped puppy.


ai???Well,ai??? said JJ, ai???If weai??i??re gonna do this, letai??i??s do it right. A regular meeting place every week. A regular meeting time every week. At each meeting we hear Order dipyridamole injection from everyone, what was his best idea that might help bring America back. OK? Class adjourned, or

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To find out what the five former Air Force pilots plan to do to ai???Save America,ai??i?? Ai??tune in for part two of Trafford Publishing Author Paul Ehrlichai??i??s three-part series. Like us on Facebook here.

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