Trafford Presents Patriotism (Part 2)

A New Brand of Patriotism by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

A New Brand of Patriotism by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

Welcome back for part two of Trafford Publishing author Paul Ehrlichai??i??s three-part series. In part two, Ehrlich discusses the lengths that they are willing to go to do their part to bring back the America of oldai??i?? even if it means putting their life on the line and crossing the line of legality.


Three days later the group of five entered the Empire State Building just before noon and went up to the 53rd floor. Their message had said Room 53, so they Android tracker, Phone call tracker. went over to that room and knocked on the door. JJ opened the door and said, ai???Welcome to our new home, guys. Whoai??i??sAi??in charge of the coffee and Danish detail?ai???


ai???That would be me, I guessai??? said Carlo, but everyone called out, ai???Only if you promise to behave, Carlo,ai??? and Carlo said ai???I

ai???What was Cannabis seeds best shop that all about?ai??? asked JJ, but no oneAi??answered.


ai???Today Iai??i??ll get things going,ai??? said JJ. ai???After that itai??i??s up to you JJ picked up the phone and called the dining room. He ordered six slices of cheese Danish, six cups of hot coffee, and a pot of coffee refill. ai???OK, guys. This is it. Each of you, your ideas, how to save America. Whoai??i??s first?ai??? A huge, hollow silence filled the room. It was interrupted by a waiter carrying the coffee and Danishes.


The sounds of slurping and munching were interrupted by Monte, who had taken out his old revolver and was cleaning it. When he finished that he began practicing pointing straight. ai???Not too bad,ai??? he said at one point. ai???I can still do it if I need Hank and Bill took out their old weapons and started cleaning them.


ai???Well,ai??? said JJ, ai???I can see where this is headed. I doubt if it would save America, but it might get some attention. Anybody else?ai???


The only sounds were the slurping and the munching.


ai???Iai??i??d like to get in on this talk myself,ai??? said JJ. ai???I have two rich friends that I talked to last evening. One that you know about and one you donai??i??t know at all. Theyai??i??re not as well fixed as Huffingston, but theyai??i??ll do. Theyai??i??re both as upset about the direction this country is going as you guys are, and they both would like to be in on our plans to fix the problem. Each of them owns a very small, grassy island off the coast of South America, and they were wondering if they could be put to use somehow as part of the solution to the problem. Thatai??i??s as far as our discussion went last


ai???How could a small grassy island help fix Americaai??i??s money disease problems?ai??? asked Monte.

ai???Monte,ai??? said JJ, ai???Let your imagination run loose. Think bigger! But first I have to repeat a crucial question to all of you that I asked you last time. Are you ready? Take a deep breath!

ai???How far are you willing to go to help solve these problems? Some? a little more?Ai?? A lot Sinequan no prescription more? Are you willing to do illegal things if they are needed? Are you willing to put your life on the line, the way you were when you joined up in the Air Force? Are you, still, the great reckless person you used to be, or is safety now the most important. I have to ask you these questions. And you have to decide for yourselves.

ai???The reason I bring these up isai??i??fixing America and bringing America back may not be a nice, pleasant, easy enterprise. America is in terrible trouble, and anyone who wants to help repair it must be ready to do whatever is

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