Trafford Presents Patriotism (Part 3)

A New Brand of Patriotism by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

A New Brand of Patriotism by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

As Paul Ehrlich concludes his three-part series for Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner, you will find out the lengths the five former Air Force Pilots are willing to go to cure ai???The Money Diseaseai??i?? and bring America back to the way it was when the five pilots were serving their country.


There was quiet in room 53 when JJ finished his little talk. Gradually some gulping and chewing came back, and people began to look at each other again. ai???Little grassy islandsai??? was heard softly coming from Monte, and JJ picked it up. ai???Youai??i??ll hear more about them next week,ai??? he said. ai???I think thatai??i??s all for today,ai??? and people started to get ready to leave. On the way out Monte said again ai???little grassy islandsai??? to Hank, and both of them shrugged.

The next Tuesday everyone appeared ready when JJ opened the door to 53 at noon. The waiter from the dining room brought up the coffee and Danish, ordered by Carlo, and Carlo distributed them elegantly. Next week, he said, it would be Hankai??i??s turn and Hank nodded.


ai???OK, said JJ, ai???letai??i??s get on to business. Did anyone figure out why we want little grassy islands? Well, Iai??i??m not surprised. But you will want them, that I can assure you. Letai??i??s go down the list of things I asked you last week. I asked you how far you were willing to go to solve Americaai??i??s terrible problems, and nobody objected. I asked whether you were ready go a little, and then a Order aleve little more, and then even more, and finally I asked you whether you were willing to do some things that were not legal, and still nobody objected. So I take you at your word. This is where your ai???little grassy islandsai??i?? idea comes in. Take another sip of coffee while I tell you.

ai???All of you make a good living flying rich families to exotic places. Itai??i??s your line of work, and youai??i??re good at it, and your clients enjoy it. What you learned to do when you were in the Air Force has helped you tremendously, and has been wonderfully enjoyable also to your rich clients. A terrific back-and-forth on both sides. If anybody doesnai??i??t want to hear the rest of Detrol la generic name this, you are forgiven, and may leave, with the promise that you will never tell. Anybody?ai???

Nobody wanted to leave, although there were several worried looks. Suddenly all the flyers were paying Where to buy alavert medication an extreme amount of attention.


ai???Good!ai??? said JJ. ai???Nobody wants out. Has anyone figured out what this has to do with little grassy islands?ai??? Five hands went up.

ai???Who wants to say it?ai???

ai???Iai??i??ll say it,ai??? said Monte. ai???The idea is to kidnap each family and bring them to live without money on a small grassy island. Is that it, JJ?ai???

ai???Thatai??i??s pretty much it, Monte. Of course, weai??i??re not murderers, we canai??i??t just kill them off, so we have to figure that out, how to keep them alive, right? Itai??i??ll take a ton of figuring out, how to do it just right, but that will be our job. Curing them of the money disease will just be part of it. Hopefully they wonai??i??t just go back to money after we release them. More coffee, anybody? Thereai??i??s still some Danish


As everyone got ready to leave, Monte looked at Hank and whispered ai???little grassy islandsai??? and both of them broke into huge belly laughs that continued for quite a while.

ai???What are you two laughing at so hard?ai??? asked Bill. ai???Whatai??i??s so funny?ai???

ai???Oh,ai??? said Hank, ai???just the idea we had, of those cute little innocent grassy islands. How could they make any trouble? How could they do any damage?ai???

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