Trafford presents Paul Ehrlich’s Epic Journey (Part 1)

The Blue Hippopotamus by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

The Blue Hippopotamus by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

Trafford Publishing would like to give a warm welcome to Trafford author of The Blue Hippopotamus, otherwise known as ai???Blippoai??i??, Paul Ehrlich. In part one of his three-part series, Ehrlich talks about his secret mission in the Marine Special Forces in World War II to rescue a particular individual from a Nazi concentration camp, where he also meets a very special person along the way. Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??


The Blippo is mostly autobiographical.Ai??It is an action and romance story, as my life itself was when I was just a teenager. Until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor I was just a wise-guy kid living in Brooklyn, not taking anything seriously, and trying out different jobs that might interest me.


The Japanese attack changed my life. I enlisted in the U. S. Marine corps, and I was lucky enough to be picked for a secret mission in the Marine Special Forces.


I was picked for two reasons–I had worked that summer as a steeplejack, making How much trazodone should i take good money, and they needed someone who could work in heights. And I had taught myself how to run very fast–Olympic speed. But I was still a child, a kid. A year later, after completing the mission in the Marines, I was a grown man.


Our mission–there were Online seroquel five of us in the group–was to rescue a particular man from one of the Nazi concentration camps and bring him safely to England.


This man turned out to be a wonderful, almost a fantastic underground leader of the anti-Nazi resistance forces. The rescue is described in detail in the book. It was very difficult and extremely dangerous, but what did I care, I was still just a kid enjoying everything, having a great time.


Apparently it was the first and only time someone was rescued from a concentration camp. The man’s name was Mordecai. By the time we got Mordecai, and ourselves, to England and safety, I Shipping minomycin was no longer just a kid.


After the rescue, we had only one way of bringing Mordecai to England–we had to walk the 500 or so miles along the German countryside, over to the English channel. In the evening we would walk ten or twelve miles, then we would find one of the safe houses we had memorized and stay there for the night.Ai??Some of the safe houses were no longer safe, and we had to do some fighting. In one of the safe houses there was a girl of about sixteen…

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