Trafford Publsihing Presents Paul Ehrlich’s Epic Journey (part 2)

The Blue Hippopotamus by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

The Blue Hippopotamus by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner welcomes back Paul Ehrlich. In part two, Ehrlich continues his story of his WWII secret mission, however, part two concentrates on a particular person he met along the way. If you missed part one, you can click here.


Her name was Maidi, and she was very pretty, but it would not have mattered if she was not pretty–the two of us clicked in a way I have never heard of. It was like a completionAi??that we both needed, but had never before known that we needed. We realized almost from the beginning that something special was happening between the two of us.


We sat down next to each other, and smiled at each other, and after a while we began calling each other funny names, she in German and me in English, although she could also speak English. I knew a tiny bit of German that I had learned from the movies, and I could speak what is called “pig German.”


At one point I called her my “kleine Pavian”, which I knew meant my little baboon, and she laughed hysterically and called me her “grosser Pavian”, and said my German was terrible and so was I, and pulled me over so she could kiss me, but I had to stop her right away, and Order antivertigo waved my finger.


We Marines had been warned that Dissertation it was all right to hold a girl’s hand for a short time, but kissing was not to be done–we were soldiers and would be gone in three days, and they’d probably never see us again. So instead of a real kiss she kissed my cheek with the most beautiful kiss I’d ever had. On the last of our three days together we couldn’t help it, we were overpowered by the need to really kiss each other.


When the war was over we searched for each other desperately, but to no avail. No one knew where she and her family were, or even if they were still alive. As active underground members they had been sent to a concentration camp.


Eight years later we met for a day, a wonderful, nearly miraculous day, and knew again that we were still deeply, completely Where to buy cialis forum in love. But we could not stay together–we each had families and obligations. And twenty five years later we met again by accident, in Paris, and knew again that that remarkable relationship between us was as much alive as ever.

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