Trafford Presents Paul Ehrlich’s Epic Journey (Part 3)

The Blue Hippopotamus by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

The Blue Hippopotamus by Trafford author Paul Ehrlich

In part three of Paul Ehrlichai??i??s three-part series for Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner, he shares with the Trafford community many of the situations encountered upon bringing home the man rescued from a Nazi concentration camp.

Much of Cheap dehumidifier cannabis the first half of the Blue Hippopotamus covers all the different adventures we had on the way to bringing Mordecai to England.


Just to enumerate some of them–we had to take care of a German SS Major and his wife in one of the safe houses. We got enough SS officer uniforms so that after a time we were all dressed as SS officers, Captains and Majors.


We captured a fancy Mercedes car from an SS Colonel, making it much easier to reach England instead of walking.


We blew up a huge Nazi installation that was heavily involved in the bombardment of London.


We turned a Nazi captain into an anti-Nazi hero.

We sent large numbers of Nazis into their own concentration camp.


When we reached London we were treated as war heroes in the grand British tradition, a huge festive dinner in our honor. Ai??We made speeches to the British dignitaries and got to meet the prime minister, Winston Order sarafem tablet Churchill, and the queen. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit it, but I did quite a bit of flirting with the queen, and she with me.


The second half of the book also covers my return to college, deciding to leave the Marine Corps and find my own way of life.


It includes a very funny happening that lends its name to the title of the book. But the most important things covered are the contacts I kept up with Maidi and her family, Rogaine purchase canada up to the end of her life. She was nearly eighty. Even though I’m now in my mid-nineties, I still miss her terribly.


In a sense, she was the other half of my equation, a never to be forgotten part of my life.

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