Trafford Publishing Introduces the Devoted Olugbenga Adesokan

The Secrets and Operations of God by Olugbenga Adesokan

The Secrets and Operations of God by Olugbenga Adesokan

It is often said that a true relationship with God is one of the most beautiful things. Trafford Publishing author Olugbenga Adesokan has always boasted an intimate relationship with God being a member of the Gideons along with his prominence in his local Calvary Lutheran Church. Subsequently, this relationship was further strengthened through the completion of Adesokanai??i??s book The Secrets and Operations of God.

The writing of the book, The Secrets and Operations of God was divinely inspired and subsequently came to fruition after the sudden death of my late wife. The intensity to write became so pronounced during this time of emptiness in my life, which obviously was helped by the constant presence of the power of God through our frequent communication.

It was a period of experience; both learning about God and about human beings!

The Assignment urge and the love to write a book have been present in my life since the teenage years with lots of unpublished writings. This helped to bolster my interest in journalism and eventual growth in the art of literature – it has been great and worthwhile.

Writing has beenAi??very pleasant as well as book-marketing, however I wish Cheap geriforte ingredients marketing could be more rewarding at times.

Yes,Ai??I have strings of manuscripts ready to be published especially in childrenai??i??s books and religious genres. I also have a few biographical pieces coming together.

The future is good and promising though book Purchase diakofucboy events and awards are yet to roll in but trusting God for all good things to happen.

In summary, The Secrets and Operations of God has taught me many lessons and thus prepared me for the future and the potential challenges that lay ahead. Most importantly, I am now aware that a perfect relationship with God is a requisite.

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