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Trafford Publishing author Steve Ahern suggests radios for imagination

Trafford Publishing author Steve Ahern suggests radios for imagination

Is your imagination taking a never-ending vacation? Struggling to diffuse the muse? If there is one thing all writers will agree on, itai??i??s that there are always periods when writers sit in front of their blank paper and bleed for words, yet their lack of imagination and creativity seems to be insurmountable. Why not jump on Trafford Publishing author Steve Ahernai??i??s bandwagon and kick-start your imagination with some radio waves?

If there was a Nobel Prize for Broadcasting and media, Ahern would take the cake. From founding respected media companies within Australia, to initiating media communications institutes in all corners of the globe, Ahern has done it all. There is little wonder why Ahern is so passionate about the companionship of a radio. From thought provocation to the creation of unique audio images in oneai??i??s mind, having a radio handy is certainly a great way disperse the ingenuity laying dormant upstairsai??i??


World Radio Day on February 13th gave the world a chance to reflect on the importance of radio. The action in my book, Harbour Terror, takes place in a community radio station, as teenager Luke discovers the power of radio, but in the process, is caught up with spies and terrorists.

We donai??i??t think much about the unsung hero of media, because radio is always there in the background, serving our needs for information and entertainment without seeking recognition or notoriety.

More than any other medium, radio is a friend, lifting you up with laughter or Write my essay music when you feel the need for entertainment, and informing and engaging your mind when you need to know what is going on in the world.

Words heard on radio go straight through the ears to Sarafem over the counter the brain, without the distraction of your eyes. The pictures are better on radio, because they come from your own imagination, they are personal. Just like the pictures you create in your mind when you read, radio does the same thing by painting audio images tailored just for you, that you ai???seeai??i?? in your mind when listening.

Radio is a constant companion, it is there on your clock radio when you wake, at home and at work, it is your passenger when you drive and your confidant when your day finishes. It tells you whatai??i??s happening and knows your taste in music.

Radio is the perfect friend; it accompanies you wherever you go, but lets you get on with your other activities without being too demanding.

Listening increases your concentration span, widens your tolerance of the opinions of others and stimulates your imagination. It is the kind of friend who can help you improve yourself, even if you canai??i??t read.

In my book, Luke discovers the power of radio, as he broadcasts his drive time show to the listeners of Sydney. In a series of interviews Luke explores politics and learns about international conflicts, while secretly, something is brewing that places him at the centre of a terrorist plot.

The radio station is the scene for the action in the first half of the book, until the threat spills beyond the airwaves to the centre of Australiaai??i??s biggest city.

Some people say radio is dead, that new media has taken away radioai??i??s impact. But I donai??i??t agree.

Radio is adapting and changing to the new media landscape. In Australia, the radio industry is booming, and around the world, wherever I consult or train broadcasters, I can see a new enthusiasm for the first electronic medium, that is now over a century old.

You can now consume radio through your phone, your computer, a digital radio, a tv set or just a plain old fashioned radio, but no matter how you listen, itai??i??s still the perfect audio Spy phone, Whatsapp spy. companion.

My experiences in radio were part of my inspiration for writing Harbour Terror, which also aims to explore the complex motivations that cause some of the modern worldai??i??s biggest problems.

Today, take a moment to turn on the radio and listen to something that broadens your mind and helps you understand more of this exciting, but complex, world we live in.

Steve Ahern

Written on World Radio Day, Feb 13th 2014.


During those testing times when you feel like surrendering to your inactive thoughts, grab a radio and let the dialogue rouse your imagination to unleash your talent within. We hope you have enjoyed Steve Ahernai??i??s unique and welcomed contribution to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner.

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