Trafford Publishing author Dina Andrewsai??i?? Features at London Book Fair

Trafford Publishing author Dina Andrews at the 2014 London Book Fair

Trafford Publishing author Dina Andrews at the 2014 London Book Fair

The Trafford Publishing community extends our well deserve respect and congratulations to Dina Andrewsai??i??. Andrewsai??i?? book Tears in the Sand earned a spot on the New Title Showcase at the recent London Book Fair. Andrewsai??i?? shares with us her literary escapade to Earls Court where she crossed paths with celebrities and influential publishing personnel, and possibly landed a traditional publishing deal!

I live on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, so to reach the London Book Fair I had to travel via plane and train.Ai?? I have become quite a hardened traveller by myself, so I study maps really well before setting out. The plain journey took 35 minutes to fly to Gatwick airport, then a train to Victoria train station. Surprisingly Earls Court Exhibition centre is only three stops on the eastern district line, so my journey was plain sailing.

As I emerged from the mouth of the tube station, right in front of us was a gigantic building, adorned Buy claritin d online india in blue banners advertising the book fair.Ai?? I climbed the stairs, and took the badge I had printed off at home, and handed it to one of the many polite and professional team on the door.Ai?? I was soon entering a world of words!

It took me an hour to find the Trafford Publishing stand, but the staff were really helpful. Within an hour and a half of arriving, I had sealed an appointment with a historical fiction publisher for the following morning. I also made contact with a Polish publisher, interested in translating my books Tears in the Sand, and Tears in the Rain, into Polish.

There was much bustling of people, and to my surprise the guitarist from the band Queen, (Brian May) walked by me, and I had to do a double take and To buy colospa for relief of wind have a quick glance at his name badge to make sure I had not imagined it.Ai?? Camila, Prince Charlesai??i??s wife also visited the day I arrived, but I must have missed her. I also spotted Jeremy Vyne a BBC radio 2 presenter.

The show is well put together, with many different forms of advertising from digital to gaming to meeting with agents. I was very impressed with my overall experience, and look forward to visiting again when it moves Midamor purchase to Olympia next year!


What a fantastic achievement from a fantastic Trafford Publishing author! What a great book-marketing opportunity. We wish you all the best, and we’re eager to find out if anything came to fruition with the historical fiction publisher…

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