Trafford Publishing Presents: Angel Balloons

Trafford Publishing author AVIA

Trafford Publishing author AVIA

Small occurrences often pave the way for much greater things; in Trafford Publishing author AVIAai??i??s case, this was notably apparent. AVIA has published the first childrenai??i??s book in the Sunshine and the Ladybug series and the second will hit the shelves in the not too distant future. Here is a small piece from AVIA that illustrates that a minor happening has fueled AVIAai??i??s imagination, allowing her to incorporate this instance into her childrenai??i??s books.Ai??Ai?? Ai??


That’s when it happened – Oh no! When Isabella was getting into the car, her little hand let go of the white ribbon and the new balloon went up, up, up into the air; up toward the wispy white clouds; up toward Assignment the blue Spring sky. Ai??”Oh no, oh no” cried out Isabella. Ai??”I want my balloon!”


Avia bent down and picked up Isabella. Ai??She pointed Iphone spy, How to hack messages in iphone. to the balloon and said, “Oh look. Ai??There it is – now the angels will have something to play with.” Ai??Isabella wasn’t happy but she wasn’t too sad anymore. Ai??”Why do the angels need my balloon?” Isabella asked.


Soon Angel Balloons would play a large role Phone tracker, Mobile tracking. in the lives of Sunshine, Ladybug, Bama and Avia. Tears will be shed, lessons learned and love shared.


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