Trafford Publishing Presents: Grab the Devilai??i??s Tail

Grab the Devil's Tail by Bev Christensen

Grab the Devil’s Tail by Bev Christensen

23 years of newspaper reporting is sure to provide enough Ai??anecdotes to last a lifetime. Trafford Publishing author Bev Christensen can attest. In particular, one of her accounts with a shady individual supplied her with the basis for her book Grab the Devilai??i??s Tail. Christensen was also left with this somewhat unsettling story from her time spent with this manai??i??


I was a Order lady era side newspaper reporter for 23 years and in those days I wrote all day, every day. Now that I am 82-years-old and long-since retired I still write almost every day, but never all day.


But those newspaper reporting days taught me many writing lessons: Discipline, conciseness, using active not passive verbs, and the value of a Order micronase manufacturer good firm editorial hand on everything I wrote.


I had many experiences during my reporting career. One experience is the basis for my book Grab the Devilai??i??s Tail. It is particularly memorable because it put me in touch with a man who lived on the edge of society where he existed hand-to-mouth. This guy, and his ai???old ladyai??i?? as he called his partner knew exactly how many slices of bread, cigarettes and coffee they had in the cupboard at any time.


He was an ex-convict, a petty criminal, and a drug user who lived in fear of revenge after he turned informant and testified against other criminals. He was so fearful that people, including his own Buy cannabis seeds toronto family, wanted to kill him for the bounty placed on him by someone that he had helped convict, that he would not use his own name, did not have a telephone, and was suspicious of everyone.


Not the type of person most grandmothers would want to have living in their house while they worked on a book about his troubled life. Yet thatai??i??s what I did and in the beginning I lived in his house in Saskatchewan while I recorded his life story.


My brothers and my children thought I was nuts. But the truth is I was never afraid of that man and, in fact, I was safer with him living in my house than I was when living alone because I knew he was able to look after himself. One night during the period he was living in my house, the doorbell rang unexpectedly late at night when I was in bed. When I got up to answer the doorbell, he had already come up from the basement where he slept carrying a baseball bat and yelling, ai???Whoai??i??s there!ai???


There was a shuffling noise outside the door and whoever it was left.


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