Trafford Publishing presents: Courage, What Does it Mean?

Trafford Publishing author Cecelia May Brown

Trafford Publishing author Cecelia May Brown

Trafford Publishing knows that the majority of us have stood in the face of dissuasion at one time or another. Yet, there are far fewer of us who have manufactured the strength and willingness to wrestle with these adversities to succeed against our ever-present apprehension. The talented Trafford Publishing author Cecelia May Brown shares with us her beliefs that all positive traits are encompassed by courage, and the potential in everyone to personify this courage and its inherent qualitiesai??i??


According to the late, great, Dr. Maya Angelou, of all the virtues, courage is the most important, because itai??i??s needed to consistently apply all the other ones. Iai??i??m beginning to understand just why that may be so.

I just saw the movie ai???Belleai??? and was completely enthralled by this period piece set in Victorian era with Victorian mores, replete with concerns about class, status, ethnic and gender-based prejudice, inheritances, and hypocrisy. The over-arching theme was that of courage to take right action, to speak oneai??i??s truth, to follow oneai??i??s heart, to live oneai??i??s dreams. Itai??i??s quite a timeless phenomenon that seems to be part of the human experience to varying degrees, no matter how the times, faces or names may change. What makes ai???Belleai??? even more compelling is that itai??i??s based on a true story.

Most of us would like to think of ourselves as the heroine or hero in our respective lives. But, how often do we really speak up when we Cheap benemid probalan see injustices being done? Or do we even dare speak up for ourselves consistently in the face of others disapproval?

In my book ai???Aroma Remembers: A magical Tale of Spiritual Awakening,ai??? the teenage protagonist is challenged to stand up for herself in more ways than one, at a time in her life Buy cannabis seeds toronto that she is most vulnerable. Itai??i??s often said that courage is not the absence of fear, it is taking action despite oneai??i??s fears. Aroma does just that with the help of several othersai??i??some human, others not.

When our own resources seem low, or others arenai??i??t there for us, thereai??i??s always Divine assistance available for us to draw upon to find the courage, strength and perseverance to practice the other virtues such as: kindness, compassion, acceptance, devotion, love, majesty, justice, impartiality, prudence, reliability, simplicity, loyalty, gentleness, trustworthiness, purity, forgiveness, patience, respect, steadfastness, humility, curiosity, gratitude, focus, generosity, etc. And, who knows with continuous practice we might some day have a society where everyone at Order benfotiamine for neuropathy least strives to embody these marvelous qualities!

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner hope that we can all learn and hopefully implement Cecelia May Brownai??i??s wise words. To learn more about Brown and her book, check out her Facebook page here, her personal website or visit the Aroma Remembers website.

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