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Trafford Publishing author Cecelia May Brown

Trafford Publishing author Cecelia May Brown

Author Cecelia May Brown is among many of us who are confounded by the way the world stands presently. We welcome Brown back to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner for another earnest blog contribution.



With so much going on in the world, both domestically and internationally, it leads one to shake oneai??i??s head at all the craziness, injustice, and/or extremisms in the world. At the core of all these clashes is the lack of respect, tolerance, and acceptance of others. It is easy to feel smug and superior and think we would never get caught up in such vortexes of insanity or it is someone elseai??i??s problem.Ai?? Well we are all connected to each other on some level or the other (not just by Twitter or Facebook). As Terentius Afer once said, ai???I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to So, there but for the Grace of God go I.


The conflicts that are on the world stage, whether here in the United States, in the Middle East, or elsewhere in the world, have been simmering for quite some time, each involve seeing others as different and thus not deserving of the same quality of life and respect (there goes that word again). Due to their long standing duration these powder keg situations have erupted and hopefully are in theai??i??albeit arduousai??i??process of healing. It is up Purchase aldactone hair to those of us who have even a modicum of hope, optimismai??i??and dare I sayai??i??spiritual awareness to send healing and Light to these situations.


More importantly, it is incumbent on us to search our own souls for instances in which we have been quick to judge others based solely on their appearances, and make adjustments accordingly. Iai??i??ve had several opportunities lately to do just that.


There were the two burka-clad women travelling with their husband (I presumed he was the husband of at least one of the women and perhaps father or husband to the second one as well), whom I sighted in the airportai??i??s waiting area where they made quite a stir and commotion. It so happened that they were seated across from me on the airplane and the lead burka-clad woman asked me to change seats with her pre-adolescent son because he did not want to sit next to a woman. After overcoming my initial shock at such a request I acquiesced to it, which resulted in Zyban price both burka-clad women sitting behind me, while the boy sat in my former seat across the aisle.Ai?? All through-out the flight I struggled to accept cultural differences and suspend my judgment. Toward the end of our flight I was most impressed at the lead burka-clad womanai??i??s level of assertiveness under her black cloak, as she spoke quite often and reached up to assist another passenger with the overhead bin.


There have been so many other instances in which I was pleasantly surprised upon not going into judgment (or rather judgmentalnessai??i??which has an air of condemnationai??i??as opposed to using every day judgment for discernment):

There was the seemingly redneck man who delivered my luggage to me for the airline, who would not accept a penny for giving me a jump start. It turned-out he has a bi-racial grandson of whom he is most proud and loves. He opened up to me and couldnai??i??t stop talking about his family.


Among many other such examples, there was the tattooed woman who joined a spiritual gathering I was attending. At first glance, it appeared she was wearing a long blue sleeve, then on further examination I saw her entire arm had been tattooed. My first thought was why such a beautiful women would mar herself to that Buy maxalt mlt 10 mg extent.Ai?? Then, on a break in the proceedings, we wandered across each otherai??i??s paths and spoke. I got to see her as a vivacious and spiritually deep person.

In my book ai???Aroma Remembers: A magical Tale of Spiritual Awakening,ai??? both the teenage protagonist and her nemesis have pre-judged each other, leading to clashes, intense conflict and unintended consequences.


In the final analysis, the first step toward a world of equality, justice, acceptance and ultimately peace, is for us to stop our first inclination to go into judgment/condemnation when we encounter differentness then to go a step further to be open to seeing into their hearts. Who knows, more often than not, we might be pleasantly surprised!


Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner hope that we can all learn and hopefully implement Cecelia May Brownai??i??s wise words. To learn more about Brown and her book, check out her Facebook page here, visit her website at or visit the ai???Aroma Remembersai??? website.

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