Trafford Publishing presents: Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations

Trafford Publishing author Carolyn Bennett

Trafford Publishing author Carolyn Bennett

Trafford Publishing author Carolyn Bennett has recently published her first novel Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations. This is her first novel in a paranormal series. Bennett has always been fond of the paranormal, including being an avid member of a ghost hunting team. She re-kindled her love for the paranormal by writing book one in her series. Bennett shares the story of her writing journey with Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner.Ai??


My name is Carolyn Bennett and I am a new Trafford author from Ontario Canada.Ai?? First I want to thank the awesome people at Trafford for helping to make my dream a reality.Ai?? Everyone who worked on my book, either in copy editing, design, marketing did an amazing job at producing a stunning novel that was exactly how I envisioned it.Ai?? I look forward to publishing Book 2 with you in the near future.


My novel is called Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations and itai??i??s the first in a series of paranormal mysteries.Ai?? Iai??i??ve always been interested in the paranormal and in 2010 I was part of a paranormal team in Southern Ontario called C.H.A.P.S. (Canadian Haunting and Paranormal Society).Ai?? My most memorable investigation was Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Kentucky.Ai?? Although I resigned from ghost hunting, my interest in the paranormal never diminished.


Searching for a means to once again delve into the paranormal I started writing a series of stories.Ai?? There Amantadine capsule cost I was able to realize my dream of having my own paranormal team.Ai?? Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations went from a fantasy to a series of intense, action filled paranormal mysteries.Ai?? I am also excited to be back with C.H.A.P.S. as a paranormal investigator, once again investigating reportedly haunted locations.


I have been asked several questions about how Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations came to be.Ai?? There were many different factors.Ai?? The paranormal mysteries that make up each book in the series are not based on any private investigation I have been on.Ai?? They are separate and completely fictional, thankfully.Ai?? As another investigator posted in her review: ai???Thank god nothing like that has ever happened on our The beginning of the book, however, the history of the lead character is very personal and, yes, a lot of it is based on truth.Ai?? There is a lot of me in this first novel.


I recently found out that Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations will be on display at the G.H.O.S.T. Convention & Expo, near Niagara Falls, Ontario from August 9 ai??i?? 11. I have also developed a partnership with a local Museum, which has had its own share of paranormal activity, to carry my novel in their gift shop.



Book Reviews and Comments


Absolutely thrilling 5.0 out of 5 stars, Jun 17 2013. By: mmadeincanada

Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigation: The Journey Underneath (Paperback)

…riveting….hypnotizing….Carolyn Bennett leaves the reader wanting more after every exciting chapter. So exciting and suspense filled. Excellent read. I, literally, could not put this book down. I wanted to know the ending, but I didn’t want Xenical australia buy it to end!! Ms. Bennett will definitely leave you wanting more and more!! Come on Book 2!


5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Book! July 11, 2013

By Julie Brown


I love anything paranormal and these days I have a hard time finding anything that really creeps me out. Carolyn has managed to do so! Not only is the story fabulous, the writer has captured everything that could be left to the imagination. I am anxiously awaiting another book by Carolyn Bennet! Great job! This book made me dream about it and I actually woke Cheap tofranil 10 in a sweat. Love the scare factor!


Received on Carolynai??i??s Facebook Author Page from Cathy, a seasoned paranormal investigator:

Hi Carolyn.Ai?? Just had to write and let you know how great your book is. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The book was so hard to put down, I finished reading it in 12 hours. Not wanting to give the story line away I have to say that I hope this never happens on an investigation that we are on. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


Another one from her Facebook Page from Patty L:

“The Journey Underneath”…….”Journey” to say the least!! Action packed, heart stopping, leaving one breathless on many occasions. Fills you with anticipation, wanting to know what’s next. Just when you think there’s an even keel, Ms. Bennett brings you with her on an endless spiral of nonstop action. Definitely leaves you wanting more!!



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Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations is available in hardcover, soft cover, and all E-book formats and can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobobooks, Indigo, and the Trafford Publishing bookstore.


Check out the Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations webpage or get in touch with Bennett through Twitter, email, or Facebook.


Trafford Publishing would like to thank Carolyn Bennett for her contribution to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner. We hope you return soon with some more fascinating anecdotes! You can also visit Trafford Publishing on Facebook, here!

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