Trafford Publishing: Meet the McAlisterai??i??s (Part 1)

Trafford Publishing author J.S. Delaney

Trafford Publishing author J.S. Delaney

The myriad of pervasive and pertinent social issues in the world today, such as drug-use, inequality and discrimination, often shape and impinge on individuals and societies. There is an apparent need to regulate these constant imposing elements of our lives; however, finding common ground to tackle such issues can often be hard to find.

Trafford Publishing author J.S. Delaney has demonstrated that literary fiction is an effectual platform to communicate such issues. Delaneyai??i??s book series ai??i?? centered on the McAlister family ai??i?? has provided her the opportunity extend her thoughts, as well as address social issues and interpersonal values in an unbiased and relatable fashion. Delaney joins the Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner to share a few words on her motivation, creation and rationale behind Color of Grace, The Spy in Me, and future titles in the McAlister seriesai??i??Ai??Ai??Ai??

The McAlister series was a creation that expressed social issues, family values, and the true value of friendships in a world that can often seem hard to navigate. Characters in this series reflect Cheyenne Indians, whom have a very high unemployment rate and Irish cultures which have only as of late become a more popular place to visit.Ai?? I include Norway because their culture in the last ten years reflects unemployment rates that are one of the lowest in the world today.Ai??Ai?? They are one of the founding fathers of NATO and one of the largest exporters of weapons, oil, and petroleum.Ai?? Their country has the highest per capita income in the world.Ai?? They are one of the founders of the United Nations and the Norwegian Council was a creation designed to help with the labor markets across several countries after WWII.

The McAlisterai??i??s was designed to be fun with a message. In the Color of Grace, Ambrose Bear McAlister, comes from a family torn.Ai?? His father was sent on a mission and came back disgraced Purchase lady era review only to be blown up on his way from the airport.Ai?? Colonel McAlisterai??i??s daughter Kathleen was murdered and left on the docks in Norway. But after the Colonel is told his friend known as King Herald, and his Queen have been murdered in their own castle dining room, their children are being hidden from their own Uncle, Heralds brother, Magnus, the Colonel is determine to not give in or give up.

Ambrose Bear McAlister, will save the princess, her brother, the future King and little Regna, but the price will be her love.Ai?? He has been watching over Margareta and the children for some time but their danger is imminent and he must move now.Ai?? Their Uncle has taken up with a very nasty drug lord and he wants his money.Ai?? Money that Magnus doesnai??i??t have because Bear McAlister stole his cocaine for sale before he had a chance to sell it and Bear blames himself for the attack on King Heraldai??i??s Cialis online help family.Ai?? Magnus thought he was going to get the money but the council claimed he wasnai??i??t entitled to it because the children were still alive. Magnus believes that he is owed and will do whatever he can to gain money, power and the means to use it.Ai?? Someone in the U.S. has been giving him information and making this investigation very dangerous but Bear will win.Ai?? He will marry the Queen and she will make sure he stays alive long enough to love her.

Bear McAlisterai??i??s team is a mix of laughable, lovable, military, friends and relations all there to see it through, class warfare, discrimination of race, ethnicity and religion are all addressed in this book and the McAlisterai??i??s move past and rise above each and every time.

In the ai???The Spy in Meai??i?? Bear and Margie adopt a genetically modified boy and address a more recent issue that has become a problem in the world.Ai?? Daniel is a creation of a military scientist that makes some mistakes and tries to save his creation, Daniel, by hiding him with the McAlister family.Ai?? While the child gets the love and support to grow up he is hunted because of the research the military wants back.Ai?? The black market wants to make parts and Bearai??i??s daughter, Angelina wants Daniel to be hers forever. Angelina decides no one will Buy paroxetine 20mg hurt more children to make parts. When she finds that the researchers have been trying to make more Daniels she goes into action.Ai?? Daniel realizes that because he didnai??i??t take this to the public sooner there are no regulations and nothing to stop the criminals from their parts for sale game. In the end Bearai??i??s son, Russell, is blinded trying to save Daniel from capture.Ai?? Daniel finds love, happiness and friendship with the McAlister family and soon realizes he doesnai??i??t have to hide from the world.

The spy in me shows that by hiding social issues we simply give those that would prey on and use these technologies room to abuse them and our society.Ai?? We take away their power and create hope by bringing them to the people and giving them a future.


To find out what J.S. Delaney has in store for her third novel in the McAlister series, stay tuned for part two! In the meantime, why not visit Trafford Publishing on Facebook here.

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