Trafford Publishing: Meet the McAlisterai??i??s (Part 2)

Trafford Publishing author J.S. Delaney

Trafford Publishing author J.S. Delaney

Welcome back to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner as J.S. Delaney returns to provide a sneak preview of the next book in the McAlister series, Zanaflex over the counter The Glory of Honor. In part 1, Delaney shared what readers should expect from her first two titles, along with her desire to express applicable social issues and values through her series in order to address some of the more complex concerns in a way that everyone can relate to.

Delaney concludes her contribution to the blog with some first-class advice pertaining to her techniques on character development and the importance of seeing the world through the eyes of your characters.Ai??


The Glory of Honor, will be coming soon and I hope that Russellai??i??s struggles with blindness, self-doubt, and love bring him full circle. Using Marijuana because the doctors are trying to help the optic nerves become more responsive after Danielai??i??s DNA grandfather tries to beat his whereabouts out of him. Russell is beginning to see the need for the legalization and the regulation of a drug that needs to come out of the shadows. By standing on both sides of the fence Russell makes it harder to prosecute the men that tried to destroy his family until Spirit Fawn breaks it down for him.Ai?? Without regulations and the law, the drugs are not always safe. Like any other black market, there are many consequences and Spirit Fawn will not allow Russell Eagle Eye McAlister to pay the price alone for this one.Ai?? The McAlisterai??i??s once again band together to create a fun action filled adventure that leads you back home to love family and hope.Ai?? I hope you enjoy these books and I think they encompass everyone from eighteen to the Red Hats.

My journey into writing is the same as your journey into reading.Ai?? I want to laugh, I want people to see their lives as worthwhile. I like to hear how people think and what they feel.Ai?? I donai??i??t always use my opinions alone but those of the thirty somethings, those that are coming out of colleges and looking for work, Ashwagandha plant price those that feel that they are getting out of the service and they canai??i??t find a job that will make a living for their family.Ai?? I even try to include those that believe they have the right to have things their way at the expense of everyone else.Ai?? After thinking through the different perspectives, I move forward in deciding how I can write a story that might include much of what I have been told, and then I research, outline, and create. I like to build whole characters, those that you love to hate and those that you really like and those that you can embrace with a whole heart.Ai?? I think those characters build a story that can make you feel, think, laugh and maybe getaway for a while.Ai?? Why you might even understand a different perspective to an old problem, I know I sometime do!


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We hope you enjoyed another fantastic contribution to the Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s corner ai??i?? to meet the characters and read snippets of J.S. Delaneyai??i??s McAlister series; you can visit her personal website here.Ai??

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