Trafford Publishing presents: Juggling With Fire (Part 2)

Trafford Publishing author Louise Dupont

Trafford Publishing author Louise Dupont

Welcome back to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner for part two of Trafford Publishing author Louise Duponts series. In part one, Dupont shared her astonishment at the symbolic messages hidden within her sonai??i??s story writing as a seven year old, which was also the inspiration for her book Hidden Treasures. Ai??To conclude her series, Dupont shares some heartfelt words that will certainly be of assistance to those in similar situations.Ai??Ai??


Since suicide is such a traumatic experience for everyone Hydrochlorothiazide cost walmart involved I really wanted the book to be uplifting a healing in nature. My goal was to create a soothing and peaceful experience for the reader ai??i?? even though the subject is such a difficult one. To help me with this, I always kept in mind these words of comfort we received in one of the sympathy cards sent to us:

As gently as midnight caresses the landscape of night may Godai??i??s love tenderly soothe your grieving heart.

I also made a very conscious effort to make the book as pleasing to the eye as possibleai??i?? by using the childrenai??i??s drawings throughout the book and using healing colors.Ai?? I was very fortunate to have Levlen ed without prescription a book designer who understood what I was trying to convey and who did a wonderful job in presenting the drawings and photographs.

This endeavor Order trazodone turned out to be my way of bringing attention to the important topics of suicide and mental health issues.Ai?? I am hopeful that the public will want to explore these themes with me.

Lousie Dupontai??i??s Trafford Publishing bibliography:

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