Trafford Publishing Presents: Thinking Like a Winner

Trafford Publishing author Dwight Jeffery at a recent book signing event

Trafford Publishing author Dwight Jeffery at a recent book signing event

Mr. Motivator (AKA Trafford Publishing author Dwight Jeffery) is back to extend some further words of wisdom. Laws of attraction are a powerful tool when trying to get the best out of life. Jeffery has this advice on positivity to aid in the realization and attainment of accomplishments in life.



It’s all about thinking positive and expecting to win.Ai?? No one ever wins without the sacrifice of taking the necessary steps that will lead to your destination.


If you can see yourself as a winner, you will begin setting goals for yourself Geriforte tablet price and having an action plan.


Success is the progressive realization of a predetermined worthy goal that you Shatavari price in pakistan set for yourself.Ai?? A winner thinks that he can do it even if he or she doesn’t feel like it.Ai?? Having belief in oneself gives you an attitude that ignites confidence and enthusiasm.Ai?? Some may say that he is arrogant or cocky.


Sometimes people mistake cockiness for persistence.Ai?? When you know what you’re doing and you’re good at doing it, you will develop a winning mentality.Ai?? Thinking like a winner is being able to focus and Effexor costco to see yourself with a favorable outcome.

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