Trafford Publishing presents: All But Forgotten

All but Forgotten by Trafford Publishing author James L. Emch

All but Forgotten by Trafford Publishing author James L. Emch

There are some battles in American history that have been glorified with no apparent justification. On the other hand, there are battles that had a significant impact on the course of American history, yet occasionally these battles are all but forgotten. Trafford Publishing author James L. Emch felt it unjust that no books existed on the Dudley Massacre, which was dominant in the outcome of the War of 1812, and in turn, dictated American historyai??i??


One sunny summer day as I walked past the Maumee branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, there I read a memorial plaque that said Dudley Massacre over 600 lost. Well, being an avid history buff in the Buy skunk seeds with paypal areas of the Old West, the Civil War, and the Indian Wars it didn’t take much to arouse my interest. I proceeded to go to the library to look for a book on the topic but was unable to find one.


I thought, how strange, if this event had occurred west of the Mississippi River there would be an endless number of movies, books and magazine articles about it. Another thing that amazed me was the number of people who lived on Assignment the battlefield who had never heard of the Dudley Massacre let alone knew anything about it.


I determined then and there that if no one had written a book on it by the time I retired I would endeavor to do so.


A couple of years ago, though not yet retired but with some time on my hands, I began doing the research for the book. Over the next several years I would gather information from old military reports and records, correspondences of those that were present, old diaries, as well as family histories.


The result of this effort is the book titled, All But Forgotten – The Dudley Defeat of May 5th 1813.


It is my hope that this book will bring Cipla fincar online to remembrance this forgotten chapter of American History. It is also my hope that at last these brave men who fought, suffered, and died there will receive their place of honor in the annals of America’s history.


In ending, I might add that these men deserve to be remembered just as those that shed their blood and died at the Alamo, Gettysburg, The Little Bighorn and numerous other American battlefields.


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