Trafford Publishing presents: Tear Drops

Teardrops by Trafford Publishing author Gideon C. Mekwunye

Teardrops by Trafford Publishing author Gideon C. Mekwunye

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner would like to give a warm welcome to Trafford author Gideon C. Mekwunye as he shares with us a short story about his book published by Trafford, Tear Drops. His contribution is both poetic and inspiring to say the least. Mekwunyeai??i??s choice of words illustrates his superior literary skills.

There comes a time when a man thinks heai??i??s at the end of the road and the ground that he treads on seems to bid him ai???tread no more!ai??? And itai??i??s ai???Tear He looks up at those who caused his birth, the consoler and the great story teller had joined his ancestors and had left him with indescribable predicaments. The mother he left behind consoles him and says ai???Trust in God and it shall be well with you He then looks towards the heavens for solace, but it seems to be too far away; and beneath his feet lays the very earth upon which he treads; but like a magnet it stuck. You must answer me! He cried to its owner.

He later found himself in his dream world; but it had a system thatai??i??s so complex which seems to give hope, sometimes, especially when the ai???Tear Dropsai??i?? in his eyes clears the very eyes that invokes fear on the brave and on those who are willing to let the desires of success supersede that of failure. He then got entangled with a maiden perhaps there would be another consoler. But she sent him to jail seven times over nothing in the name of dementia. He quickly realized that the smallest hand-cuffs ever created by man are the wedding rings. With regrets he Purchase panmycin sulfate wonders if the world would ever have anything better to offer. In his dreams, and in his tears, he wrote a book; an immortal and left a legacy for his son and daughter to peruse later when he also, is gone. And this was how the book ai???Tear Dropsai??? was born.

He shared his pain and tears with his young son and daughter; and realized they would not comprehend at the moment; but he prayed that they succeed where he did not and thrive where Order diakof he has not. But the world needs to learn something also; ai??? With it, a man would cook a stone tender. And having it is having a weapon for warfare in a society thatai??i??s so complex and one that snaps so easily.

He went back to lie in the position that he is accustomed to and where heai??i??s often spoken to; Himalaya geriforte price and the tilt voice said: ai???weep not child; I have heard your cries and pains. I shall soon bless you with joy and your next book would be filled with the ai???Tears of

Gideon C. Mekwunye’s Trafford Publishing Bibliography:

  • Tear Drops

Trafford Publishing recognizes Mekwunyeai??i??s talent and we thank you for your sharing your words of wisdom with the Trafford Publishing community. Trafford will be back soon, in the meantime, check us out on Facebook.

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