Trafford Publishing Presents: Combat Related Suicides (Part 1)

Trafford Publishing Author Peter S. Griffin

Trafford Publishing Author Peter S. Griffin

ai???In his debut for Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner, Trafford Publishing author Peter S. Griffin attempts to reduce the numbers of combat-related suicides by proposing the Purple Heart Medal be approved for warriors suffering from the enemy inflicted wound of combat stress, in correlation with his proposed PCSD (Post Combat Stress Disorder) Concept,Ai??which differentiates it from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for military purposes.In part one of his three part series, Griffin extends some background knowledge on the

Is saving lives as simple as changing a label? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD vs. Post Combat Stress Disorder, PCSD

We all know that warriors risk life and limb in battleai??i?? but oneai??i??s mental health is seldom if ever mentioned as to being in danger.

It is well past time for military officials and VA mental health professionals to admit that current policy and treatment of our combat stress wounded warriors is often insufficient, ineffective, inexpressively lacks precise description and in far too many cases, results in a self-imposed death sentence for far too many of these sane, brave, honorable and dedicated GIs! Current procedures must be rethought and looked at with a fresh perspective and a new, HONORABLE, cause-related name and policy must be adopted and implemented as soon as possible to help save lives!

They must admit that combat stress is a very serious, enemy inflicted battle wound and embrace the fact that a warriorai??i??s mental health is at high risk as a result of courageous actions on the battlefield and the warrior/combat veteran may be in grave danger of harming their self, even after the threats of combat have long passed and the warrior may have completed military service.

Is the wounding of a warriorai??i??s mind not as critical as that of a flesh wound to the body?Ai?? Of course it isai??i?? and most probably more serious in many cases as once the flesh is treated properly and healed the combat veteran can adjust to the loss of a leg or an arm and get on with his life Arimidex price in south africa in a positive manner, as difficult as that surely is!

A warrior with severe PCSD is a Buy essays prime candidate to take his own life! ai???A mind is a terrible thing to wasteai??? and it is much harder to heal and unfortunately there are no ai???space ageai??? prosthetic mental head gear to assist in regaining oneai??i??s semblance of a normal life, pursuit of happiness and a brighter future!Ai?? Unfortunately, like the traumatic amputee, for the PCSD wounded soldier, the war will never be over!

The awarding of the PCSD Purple Heart Medal (PHM) would ring out loud and clear that PCSD is an Order tofranil tablets honorable, enemy inflicted wound that was suffered while the warrior was bravely fighting for their country! There is little doubt in my mind that it will reduce or remove the many stigmas that lead to ai???the undoing of characterai??? of warriors and combat veterans. Furthermore, I strongly believe the awarding of this medal will prove to be most beneficial in solving the enigma of ineffective treatment of combat stress and will help prevent many of the tragic suicides that plague our military and veteran communities.

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Trafford Publishing will return soon with part two of Peter S. Griffinai??i??s three-part series where he presents the criteria for the Purple Heart Medal. Don’t forget to check out Trafford Publishing on Facebook!

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