Trafford Publishing Presents: Combat Related Suicides (Part 3)

Trafford Publishing Author Peter S. Griffin

Trafford Publishing Author Peter S. Griffin

In the final part of Trafford Publishing author Peter S. Griffinai??i??s three-part series, he further dissects stress disorders and shares the final two criteria for the Purple Heart Medal. Trafford Publishing and Griffin both hope that a lot of insight can be taken from Griffinai??i??s three-part series to help reduce the number of combat-related suicides.

2) Combat-related PTSD

GIs exhibiting combat-related trauma and stresses not resulting from direct kill or be killed battle (the individual did not directly engage the enemy with return fire, he/she merely sought cover and protection) would still be rated from 0 -100% service connected disability, the same as PCSD, only their category, (classification, cause) i.e. Combat-related PTSD and their ineligibility for the Purple Heart Medal would be different. These personnel do not meet the criteria to be classified as warriors! Understandably, if they receive an eligible physical wound, inflicted by the enemy, they could be awarded the Purple Heart for that specific wound.

3) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Should refer only to non-war related trauma and Buy ashwagandha leaves stress inflictions such as those suffered as a result of crime (examples – assault, rape), accidents – (examples car wreck, helicopter crash), and natural disasters (examples – hurricane, earthquake, tornado). These people are victims, not warriors.

It should be understood without saying that the nature of the wars we are fighting, long occupations of embattled countries, extended and repeated deployments, stop loss policy (preventing warriors from separating from service after honorable enlistment period ends), separations from family, broken and failed marriages, drug/alcohol abuse, financial problems, negative stigmasai??i?? all exacerbate the symptoms and severity of PCSD and combat-related PTSD in the individual GI.

This concept/proposal is simple, common sense logic and it is sound. It is not meant to be a “cure all” but Order rosuvastatin ca it would go a long way in easing the sufferings of our warriors and support personnel. If only those in power would adopt it! It could and would work by distinguishing and addressing causal reasons of stress and offer relief to sufferers at all levels of severity and nature, as well as instill pride instead of misery, despair, and all too often, suicide in those warriors who fought the hardest and bravest for our people and nation!

As well as the psychological benefits of implementing this concept and proposal is the undeniable fact that it would encourage all non-combat personnel to pick up a weapon and join in the fight instead of merely hunkering down seeking protection and cover! After all, the main reason our military exists is to destroy our enemies on the battlefield! Wellai??i?? this policy would help get the job done!

You can help honor our ai???PCSDai??? warriors who deserve to be recognized for risking their life, limbs and mental health on the battlefields of freedom by simply calling this wound by its right and proper name, Zanaflex no prescription needed PCSD! Thank you!

Peter S. Griffin’s Trafford Bibliography:

  • When You Hear the Bugle Call

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