Trafford Publishing: A Journey to Sobriety (Part 1)

Behind the Curtain by Trafford Publishing Author Jean

Behind the Curtain by Trafford Publishing Author Jean

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner would like to introduce Trafford Publishing author Jean. Jeanai??i??s biography, Behind the Curtain is a very moving story that captures the contentment one is able to acquire from taking a stance as well as providing hope and encouragement for others in similar situations.

Writing is something I have always enjoyed doing.Ai?? Over the years I have had Buy fincar finasteride some articles published in magazines but didnai??i??t really spend much time or effort on writing.

Then I came across a website that offered ai???Womenai??i??s Writing Workshopsai??? and decided to enrol for one of these. The first workshop was entitled ai???Moments in Timeai??? and the amazing Anne Schuster, who ran these workshops, kept us all busy doing wonderful ai???exercisesai??? which made us really think, unleashed our imaginations as well as our memories and Order lady era side at the end of the course we had completed a string of memories ai??i?? or imaginings ai??i?? which, in my case, I had not realised that I was capable of doing.

I immediately enrolled for the next course which was called ai???Threading the Beadsai??? which enabled us to string together our writing from the workshop into a proper ai???workai???.

We were not expected to read our writing to anyone else unless we wanted to. Slowly I came to feel safe enough to read some of what I had written to others in the course ai??i?? and to Anne in particular. She was so encouraging and said that she thought that my work was worthy of publication.

And so started the journey with editors and publishers. Initially I felt that, as the story is based in South Africa, it should be published here. And so it was ai??i?? and I was amazed that there were three publishers all keen to publish it.

I wrote this book feeling that if only one person could find sobriety as a Gps spy, Ubicar telefono por gps. result of reading it I would be happy. I am really happy to be able to say that I have met several people who have found sobriety as a result of doing so, and several others who have made their way to Alanon after reading ai???Behind the Curtainai???. Others have bought the book to give to someone that they have known was in trouble because of their drinking.

It was a great honour for me when the book was chosen amongst the first 40 listed for the ai???Alan Paton Awardai??? in 2007 ai??i?? a local award in honour of the author of the great book ai???Cry the Beloved Countryai???. Such was the success of the book in this country that I began to feel that perhaps there were people all over the world who might find help and comfort in it. And so I approached Trafford to republish it for me.

I have been astounded to see the reviews the book has had.

One, in particular pleased me because the reviewer seemed to understand just why and how I had written the book.

Jean’s Trafford Publishing Bibliography:

  • Behind the Curtain

Trafford Publishing will return soon with the review that was published in the Cape Times in August 2007. It is very touching to say the least! In the meantime, check out Trafford Publishing on Facebook!

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