Trafford Publishing presents: Past Eighty-five and Still Going Strong

Trafford Publishing author Will Kalinke

Trafford Publishing author Will Kalinke

At the age of eighty-five, most people would be starting to feel a little tender. Not Trafford Publishing author Will Kalinke. Kalinke has benefited from his eighty-five years, and shares unparalleled insight. Kalinke debuts on Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner to extend the inspiration behind his eighty year writing journeyai??i??


I count my blessing every day for having survived past eighty-five. In that time Iai??i??ve rubbed shoulders with a terrific mix of greats who inspired me to always do my best in whatever I chose to tackle.

One such recent great was the Cheap colospace late Jay Leggett of Hollywood acclaim, formerly of Tomahawk, Wisconsin. He encouraged me to help him put Tomahawk on the map with my writing. With his encouragement I visualized the day when plays and movies would follow. With Jayai??i??s death, my desire for success in those goals has intensified.

My interest for writing began eighty years ago at age five when Grandpa Julius shared the story of his struggles as an immigrant and his dreams for a better, brighter tomorrow. There was no school that day as there was a raging blizzard. The next day my teacher encouraged me to capture stories on paper with my developing writing skills. And write I did ever since.

Every teacher like Erna Buss, Stella Petersen and Norm Knutson added to the challenge. However it wasnai??i??t until I Cheap ponstel dosage recovered from cancer and cataract treatments at age seventy-eight that I became obsessed with leaving a written legacy for my worldwide network of friends.

After the Lord granted my request for a whirlwind Purchase hyzaar varied challenging life, it was time to share experiences, observations and conclusions before I took off for the spiritual domain to join my deceased loved ones ai??i?? my greatest inspirations for writing.

However, under the prayer of the 23rd Psalm, it may be a while before I join them. Thus, I write as fast as possible to leave as much as possible for the greatest benefit to a mixed multitude of readers of history, biography, love, murder, adventure, hunting, mystery and fantasy with a touch of autobiography, philosophy and advice for healthy, happy, fantastic extended living beyond your wildest utopian dreams. Each book takes the reader deeper into my private domain as I share from the past and present into the projected future with the next three books for 2014 and 2015.

Share with me as my characters come alive. Watch my website as my books fall off the presses. After over five years in simultaneous creation, the next one on longevity with unbelievable adventure and happiness is the final phases. Start or join an international heritage club for sharing and comparing.

Past eighty-five and still going strong, let me share my secrets for living a ai???thrilling rewarding longai??i?? life.

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