Trafford Publishing Presents: Inspiration from My Daughter

Trafford Publishing author, Karen Ann Bevelle's 'The Lost Goddess'

Trafford Publishing author, Karen Ann Bevelle’s ‘The Lost Goddess’

Trafford Publishing authors are aware of the notorious writersai??i?? block. In Trafford Publishing Author Karen Ann Bevelleai??i??s case, her efforts to unleash the muse and get it on paper were radically opposite. A fourth grade short story competition, in which her daughter was an award winning applicant, prompted Bevelle to develop her daughterai??i??s short story into a novel. Words and ideas flowed onto paper as if it was already writtenai??i??.


Everything about “The Lost Goddess” seemed to flow onto the pages as I wrote. The original characters of Vina, Autumn and Glade were set for me from a story Is naprosyn over the counter in australia written by my daughter, Veronika when she was just nine.

She had written a short story for a competition in the fourth grade. She won awards for the story and all Generic claritin and pregnancy these years later, I asked her if I could build more into the story and create a novel. She of course thought that was a great idea.

When I started writing, I had been unable to work outside the home due to an illness and had time to think about it. Her story had been tickling my thoughts for many years and I felt compelled to continue the adventures of Vina.

The story seemed to place itself onto the pages and I began to enjoy placing myself in their lives. Even when asleep, ideas just begged to be added and so the novel was written. I had a lot of fun reading Cheap risperdal for children as I wrote and I even began unfolding the next novel while writing the first.

There just seemed to be a natural continuation to the adventures of these amazing gods and goddesses.

Karen Ann Bevelle’s Trafford Publishing Bibliography:


  • The Lost Goddess


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