Trafford Publishing presents: The Naturally Good Man (2)

Trafford Publishing author Rod E. Keays

Trafford Publishing author Rod E. Keays

Welcome back to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner for part two of Rod E. Keays’ three-part series. Continuing from part one, Keays’ discusses the shifting roles men play in our society today, as opposed to the traditional restricted approach. The need to adjust to modern dynamics is certainly evident; present cultural expectations provide men the liberty to function according to their surroundings without constraint.Ai??Ai?? Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??


A common dream many men have is to see a university and high school based men’s studies program. The desire for menai??i??s studies to be made available to boys especially has been made very clear to me by the many men I have met over the years. They often work in areas few people see or hear about, areas such as supporting men who have lost their children to divorce or false accusations of abuse. I share in this goal for the future as well, and hope to assist in the creation of that possibility.

So, getting right Purim costume store teaneck into it, if I were to teach menai??i??s studies, from what vantage point would I be standing? Would it be suggesting a contemporary position of power or a more Neolithic egalitarian approach? Is masculinity essentially a hierarchical social structure or is this just one of many role outcomes?

Anthropologists Tofranil buy uk might agree men’s roles are culturally motivated and respond to the needs expressed by the mother / child relationship. However what are the current cultural needs expected in a modern male role today? Surely not sole breadwinner, warrior or “man’s home is his castle”? Ai??With the great changes in gender and economics the current male role has become more egalitarian and cooperative. Could this be part of a transition towards greater improvements in democratic thinking and decision- making? I wish to explore these ideas in depth in my classes.

In addition, many young men seem unsure what society expects of them, so they just make it up. They fill in the gaps in the workload of others, just as they always have. Could the apparent reduction in male ambition as Fincar buy online it is seen in declining university numbers be a testament to this confusion and unclear cultural expectations? There is a contrasting difference though and this is apparent in the striking appearance of fathers in public alone with their babies. This has never happened in the same numbers before. This is a very interesting and exciting development. In a way it needs to be celebrated.

It is a fact that menai??i??s roles are changing and we need to begin the community wide discussion that a growing number of males are looking for options.

Education needs to be one of the options. It needs to include men’s studies, but what is that? I have written a book called ai???The Naturally Good Man and The Ten Thousand Blades of Lifeai??? where I explore male purpose.


Trafford Publishing will return soon to wrap up Trafford Publishing author Rod E. Keays’ three-part series. In the meantime, check out our Facebook page or grab a free copy of our publishing guide. Ai??

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