Trafford Publishing presents: The Naturally Good Man (3)

Trafford Publishing author Rod E. Keays

Trafford Publishing author Rod E. Keays

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner is back for the finale of Rod E. Keaysai??i?? three-part series. Keaysai??i?? delves into the exemplary male figures and role models of the past that once influenced malesai??i?? roles in society. These days, there are fewer demands on males from their families and society. Ai??

There is so much to understand about being a man that looking at contemporary figures for a model does not convey the awareness needed. While I agree that men such as Martin Luther King JR. is an exemplary male figure he is still a creation of his culture and his history. If we were to look at men from a non-cultural background we might still agree that in fact culture is the predominant force in defining male behavior. In other words males respond to the needs of the Cost of lisinopril 10 mg cvs culture he lives in.

Martin Luther King JR. was a model in his time, maybe not ours. So if a culture needs men to generate loads of dollars then he will do that and call himself a man for doing it. Now if his culture asks him to be a warrior then that is what we have as well. Many cultures do this already, as many parts of the developing world show. This is changing, as wealth creation grows stronger in developing nations but what to do about western men? After all lower academic enrolments are becoming apparent, and not just in the US, it is in Canada and Europe as well.

In my book I describe the current part of this cultural pressure by examining the creation of hundreds of years of western wealth generation-so much so that it succeeded in actually creating gobs of money for many people, basically since the Industrial Revolution. So since this money has been created and the usage of this wealth was used to elevate minorities so they could go to school and work in the marketplace, it seems men are being now being left out. I tend to disagree with this analysis of men sent adrift as some Sinequanone sale writers contend. Men have accomplished the cultural goals that were set out for them over two hundred years ago. We did it. We succeeded where no other culture of men ever came close-just look at the wealth created. Not always fairly or evenly, true, but you get what I am saying?

Ok so now what do men do? What are the cultural clues being put out? Spend more time with your kids, take a less pressurized job, start to take better care of your health, protect the environment and the biggest one of all-ask yourself what do you want to do with the rest of your life?

It is now an almost open book. Western men do not have their families demanding they Buy cannabis seeds toronto take a job in a career they do not want, nor do they have dependant women expecting them to pay for everything any more, women are more than willing to share their wealth with us. It is freedom guys, we earned it-enjoy it! For the first time in human existence men are becoming free of the most demanding cultural expectations and some of us have not got a clue what to do with themselves-It is our choice now and the world is waiting.

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