Trafford Publishing: Bill Kingai??i??s Early Years

Trafford Publishing author Bill King

Trafford Publishing author Bill King

Having lived a somewhat unorthodox childhood, Trafford Publishing author Bill King exceeded expectations and eventually joined the Air Force late in his childhood. In part one of his three-part series, King recounts his childhood in Alabama as well as the mischief he and his buddies were prone to. As the saying goes, ai???boys will be


I was born in a cotton mill village boarding house in Huntsville, Alabama. Most of my early years were spent on the dirt streets and alleys of the village. All of my village friends had nicknames as in the book, Hack. There was Woozie, Hack, One Lung, Ding Dong, and I was called Snotty, because I never had a handkerchief and wiped my nose on my sleeve!


My father died when I was nine and my mother remarried. My stepfather on a Saturday morning dropped me off at a black female (Kathrin) bootleggerai??i??s place and promised to pick me up in a couple of hours. He didnai??i??t show up Call blocker, Localizador gps movil. for three days and she wouldnai??i??t let me go with him because he was drunk!


It was three months before he came back and Kathrin wouldnai??i??t let him take me and I didnai??i??t want to go. I stayed with Kathrin until my early teens and then went to live with my grandmother, who was the cook for the mill village boarding house.


My How much will generic celebrex cost early teen years with my mill village buddies were wild. We hung out in the village poolroom and hitchhiked to the Tennessee River where we swam naked. We ganged up on guys from the Lincoln Mill village if we caught them in our territory. We had rock battles with the Lincoln Village across the railroad tracks that separated the two villages. One of our guys lost an eye in the battles.


At seventeen, I adjusted my birth certificate and joined the

Air Force. The AF sent Antivert for sale me to a civilian college, Bowling Green State University in Boeling Green, Ohio!

Bill King’s Trafford Publishing Bibliography:


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Donai??i??t stray too far, Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner will return in a couple of days with part two of Bill Kingai??i??s three-part series.

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