Trafford Publishing: Bill Kingai??i??s Business Career

Trafford Publishing author Bill King

Trafford Publishing author Bill King

To get anywhere in life, one must put in the hard yards if they are to be rewarded. Trafford Publishing author Bill King is no stranger to the effort required to achieve success against the odds. In part two of Kings three-part series he extends the lengths he went to, to acquire his college degree which ultimately led to his achievements including becoming a successful businessman and being elected into the House of Representatives and the Senate in Alabama.Ai??Ai??Ai??


After I got discharged from the Air Force, I worked my way through college on a sewer line crew, laying a new sewer line for Buy cannabidiol cost Tennessee Tech where I graduated in less than two years while working full time!


Soon after college, I started my own management and development company. My company developed and managed fifteen hotels and motels, and ten apartment complexes in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.



HONORS Buy risperdal consta AND AWARDS

-Selected one Cefadroxil cost of The Four Outstanding Young Men of Alabama 1968



-Elected to the Alabama House of Representative 1970-1974

-Elected to the Alabama Senate 1974-1978

-Chairman, Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign in Alabama in 1978

-Appointed by President Carter to the Presidentai??i??s Advisory Commission on Inter Governmental, serving during the Presidentai??i??s term of Office.



-Thomas Jefferson Award by The Alabama Press Association 1975

-Alabamaai??i??s Conservationist of the Year 1974

-Goat Hill Award in 1975 for having the deadest bill in the legislature in 1977 (a bill calling for a Constitution Convention for Alabamaai??i??s outdated constitution!)


Bill King’s Trafford Publishing Bibliography:


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Not only has King led an impressive life in a business sense, heai??i??s thrill seeking lifestyle puts the icing on the cake in the life and times of Bill King. Find out what heart-stopping escapades King has endured when King concludes his Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner series soon. ‘Like’ Trafford Publishing’s Facebook page in the meantime.Ai?? Ai??

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