Trafford Publishing presents: LeDoux Vie

LeDoux Vie by Trafford Publishing author John C. LeDoux

LeDoux Vie by Trafford Publishing author John C. LeDoux

Have you ever been asked what your grandfather did during his youth and you are unable to provide a suitable response? After a suggestion to pen his ai???sea storiesai??? from one of his grandsons, Trafford Publishing author John C. LeDoux became aware that most children are oblivious to their parentsai??i?? affairs as a child, let alone their grandchildren. This proved to be the determinant for LeDoux to collate his life stories into the LeDoux Vie.Ai??Ai??


Why did I write the book LeDoux Vie. I would tell my kids some “sea stories” and some other events in my life. Finally one of my grandsons suggested that I should write these stories down. The more I thought about it, the more logical it seemed to be. Most children do not know what their Dad or Mom does or did when they were young.


In my case I was very upset to see my grand kids playing games on the TV. It seemed like they spent 24/7 doing nothing else. I went to the organized kid games, baseball, football, and other organized sports. Android keylogger, Phone spy. I was upset how some parents wrecked the games with their comments and actions. Then I remembered what we did as kids in the 30s.


There were no organized sports. We never saw our parents at Sale carbozyne our sandlot games. There were no referees. We just played and everybody played from the 6 year olds to the teens. We played baseball until we could not see the ball anymore. 20 innings, so what.


We had no TV, just radio on the weekends. So we were outside all the time even at night when we played kick the can. We did not have busses to go to school. You walked or rode your bike. No cafeteria, just bag lunches.


My how times have changed. WhenAi??I became a father, it was not that different with my own kids until TV arrived about 1950. I could tell from my sea stories that my kids did not know what I did or where I went. Even my trip to the South Pole did not appear to interest my kids. Their Dad just goes to work and comes home at night.


So I took the suggestion to write it down. I thought it would take a page or two but it developed into a 100 plus pages. The result was in the remark of a grandson who read the book. “Gee, Pop, I didn’t know you did all that!”


So now my kids, grandkids and greats know what Papa did. Many others have also read it and found it interesting and funny too. A number of my class mates have written their stories too after reading mine.


The book also shows how to be a good father, husband and leader. Trust, honesty, doing what is right, are principles Order hyzaar 100 to live by. A birthday card from my wife said it best (not that I deserved it) “The most wonderful man God ever made for a woman. I thank God for giving you to me”.


A few weeks after our 62nd wedding anniversary, she died unexpectedly.


The book shows that you can be successful as a father, husband, and leader of others if you treat others like you want to be treated.


We should all write our autobiographies so our kids know who we are or were.


Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner certainly hopes all of you will jot down the significant and interesting aspects at some stage in your life. This will not only ensure your memories live on, it will provide satisfaction for you as the writer knowing that your journey has meaning.


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