Trafford Publishing: Rising of an African Spirit (part 1)

Back from the Dead by Trafford Publishing author Knox Mahlaba

Back from the Dead by Trafford Publishing author Knox Mahlaba

Trafford Publishing author Knox Mahlaba grew up in a situation that only afforded him the opportunity to read literature and other materials that only offered a non-African perspective ai??i?? a perspective whereby Africans were labelled rather than an autonomous identity of their own. As a result, Mahlabaai??i??s anthology of poems, Back from the Dead: the Rising of an African Spirit, was borne.Ai??Ai??Ai??


The inspiration for writing Back from the Dead: the Rising of an African Spirit originates from my personal desire to define my reality and the collective desire of people of African descent to tell their story, their history from their perspective.


Initially, I never thought I had a story to tell but sometimes life has a way of shaping the writer by placing the person in a position that forces the story to come out by hook or crook.


Whilst growing up I disliked reading because the authors, the characters and the stories were always about other people from other lands and their perspective on everything, including us as a people.


Coming across The African Writerai??i??s Series and reading ai???I Write What I Likeai??? by Steve Biko exposed me to people like myself who had a deep desire to share the African narrative from the vantage point of personal experience.


I was fortunate to have attended a Historically Black College (Central State University, OH) where, I was not only, exposed to people like myself who had a story to tell and overcame barriers to relate their perspective under difficult conditions but I was also exposed to the necessity for people like me to share their experience for the benefit of mankind as Best cannabis seeds bank a whole.


Though we have varying personal issues on different continents, ours is a universal struggle to make a difference in Costo de cialis en df our life time.


This anthology attempts to affirm the struggles that people go through on a daily basis but break the monotony of attitude by to provoking thought ai??i?? spark a mental revolution.


Each poem narrates a story Lasuna online shoes in itself, yet together the poems paint portrait of a man who has gone through a deep soul searching and is continually interrogating the world and its habits.


Above all, it is my aim to celebrate the tenacity of the human spirit.


For too long Africaai??i??s voice and that of her children has been silent.


When I speak of The Rising of an African Spirit, I am talking about the need for Africa to reclaim her heritage, her descendants to set a higher standard for themselves and the need to value human life above material possessions.


Donai??i??t go too far! Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner will return shortly with the conclusion of Knox Mahlabaai??i??s two-part series. In the meantime, donai??i??t forget to check out Mahlabaai??i??s Back from the Dead Facebook page

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