Trafford Publishing Presents: Dogs of a Different Collar

Dogs of a Different Collar by Trafford Publishing author Marti Regan

Dogs of a Different Collar by Trafford Publishing author Marti Regan

Have you ever faced a situation where you have to choose between two things you really love? Award-winning Trafford Publishing author Marti Regan returns to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner to extend a little bit about her first childrenai??i??s book Dogs of a Different Collar.


Trafford also published my first book, Dogs of a Different Collar. It is a novel for young readers (8 ai??i?? 12 years old) about two girls with very different life styles and personalities.


Abby is finally old enough to have a dog of her own. She falls in love with two poodle puppies, but can only take one home. As Abby cradles the green-collared pup in her arms, she wonders “what will happen to my other favorite, the poodle with the pink collar?” The next day Sophie comes to pick out her birthday puppy. “You look lonely ai??i?? just like me,” she whispers to the little pink-collared dog. Skunk seeds #1 Does Abby ever discover what happened to the pup she left behind? Come follow the parallel lives of two dogs and the girls who adopt them.


This book was my entry into the world of authorship and author visits to schools, which are one of my favorite Cheap diabecon reviews Buy cefadroxil antibiotic activities of all times. I am retired from working as a computer scientist at NASA, and live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where I enjoy combining my passion of writing with my love of animals and children.


Trafford Publishing hope you have enjoyed both articles from award-winning Trafford Author Marti Regan. We hope Marti returns soon with some more anecdotes from the world of writing. You can visit Trafford Publishing on Facebook here.

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