Trafford Publishing Presents: The Farraday Family Trilogy

Lies, Lust, and Silence by Trafford Publishing author Claire Miles

Lies, Lust, and Silence by Trafford Publishing author Claire Miles

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner gives a warm welcome to Trafford Publishing author Claire Miles. Inspiration for books is acquired in countless ways, but for Miles the inspiration behind her trilogy stemmed from the disappearance of three women in her neighbourhood. The fuel for the fire was ignited for part one Secrets, Sex, and Lies and the muse kept flowing for her subsequent sequels.


Have you ever wondered why it is that Micronase cost people disappear? In my first book about the Farraday family trilogy, insight is given into what happened to three women who disappeared. Secrets, Sex and Lies delves into this question. Have the women been murdered, abducted or voluntarily gone missing?

In the area where I live, three women did disappear many Buy cefadroxil brand years ago. Investigations resulted in one person being charged with their murder but the bodies have never been recovered. This is the inspiration for my first book.

In the second book entitled Lies, Lust and Silence, the basis story follows the disappearance of two little girls both belonging to the Farraday family. How often do you hear of children being kidnapped and not being seen again? The inspiration for this book also has its basis in the area in which I live.

In the third book, Solitaire, Sin and Desire, the story follows the path of what happens to the two little girls as they grow older while still being kept captive. It also includes Cannabis seeds uk seller the harrowing account of another little girl kept in slavery in her own home. How they lived through horrific circumstances and managed to escape is examined? And after escape comes the big question ai??i??Ai?? what happens then?

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