Trafford Publishing: The Media and Truth (Part 1)

Mirror Images by Trafford author Alan J. Yates

Mirror Images by Trafford author Alan J. Yates

All in this world is not as it seems. Trafford Publishing author Alan J. Yates returns to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner with another two-part series. Yates has had an expansive career in media communications and therefore is in more than a reputable position to analyze how mass media is affecting our society and whether we really comprehend the full extent of what we are being told.


How do the mass media affect, alter and even determine our perceptions of our Shipping sinequan world’s and even our own individual realities?Ai?? Despite warnings from media scholars that media effects are very difficult to pin down from other influences in society, that’s the question I tried to address in my latest book, “Mirror Images.”


I’d spent several decades both working in the media and dissecting them as a lecturer in communications, so I felt I had a unique combination of perspectives from which to view the workings of the media and their apparent impact on us. As a working journalist I’d always had a healthy scepticism about the very nature of the news media, Ginette-35 no prescription feeling at times almost a sense of guilt at their too-probing investigative activities. An old BBC colleague who also taught communications used to describe the Beeb’s ‘remit’ or mandate as ” to increase the amount of ‘truth’ abroad in the world. ” There were times during my own broadcast journalistic career when I felt that altruistic claim to be somewhat bold and unachievable; times when I really felt uncomfortable with “investigative journalism.”


Looking back on my career in “Mirror Images” I tried to analyze the various media and Buy flagyl fast shipping their key characteristics and review some of their strengths and shortcomings, illustrated by some of my own experiences in the field. I addressed some of the key issues of:Ai?? the journalistic mission, the goal of unbiased reporting, political and other influences and, of course, the nature of the audiences and their exposure to daily consumption of media messages. I even tried to tackle that thorny question of the nature of ‘truth.’


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Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner will return with the conclusion of The Media and Truth where Trafford Publishing author delves into the ai???Truthai??? and the influences mass media has on us as a society. To keep you busy, visit Trafford Publishing on Facebook.


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