Trafford Publishing – I, Livia: the Counterfeit Criminal

I, Livia by Trafford Publishing author Mary Mudd

I, Livia by Trafford Publishing author Mary Mudd

As the Trafford Publishing community can attest, we were all taught things at school that we began to doubt as we grew older. However certain pieces of History are etched into our minds, not just by our history teachers, but through television, films and other media in our post-school days. This is the case with Caesar Augustusai??i?? beloved third wife Livia Drusilla. She has been portrayed as a vindictive, manipulative murderer, but Trafford Publishing author Mary Mudd sets the record straightai??i??Ai??

My rehabilitative biography of the third and beloved wife of Caesar Augustusai??i??has literally been the project of a lifetime. Livia first caught my interest when, more than half a century ago, I was required to read Robert Gravesai??i?? celebrated novel I, Claudius for a high school English assignment.

Graves represents Livia as cruel, conniving and murderous, destroying Augustusai??i?? blood relatives one by one until he had no choice but to designate, as his successor, his stepson Tiberius. He was Liviaai??i??s son by a previous husband who, according to Gravesai??i?? representation, Livia discarded and eventually murdered.

Having already developed an interest in Roman Lady era order history and read scholarly material about Livia and her family, I was aware even at this time and my then young age, that modern historians unilaterally rejected the murderous tradition about Livia.

It arises from innuendo, maintained as Bactrim ds no prescription unassailably true by the second century polemical historian Tacitus, and presented with skeptical reservations by the third century writer Dio Cassius. What surprised me then, as now, is the virulent resistance I often encountered when asserting Gravesai??i?? representation of Livia as wrong.

Fast forwarding 20 years to the 1980s, when I, Claudius was adapted for television presentation by the British Broadcasting Company, the murderous image of Livia grew in dissemination and popularity. This is when my good friend, the late Professor Constance Head, proposed I write a corrective biography of Livia. As I was just completing my doctorate in Roman and Byzantine history, Dr. Headai??i??s suggestion was most appealing as my next project.

Little could I realize this project would take another 20 years to finish, since I was only able to work on it in my spare time. The first seven of those years I spent as a stay-at-home mother. Subsequently a severe familial economic setback required I pursue several non-academic vocations, which eventually led to my present career in medical staff Instagram spy, Ubicar telefono por gps. services.

I set aside time to edit and publish my dissertation under the title, Studies in the Reign of Constantius II. Nonetheless I persisted with Livia. First I researched in depth all extant ancient material relevant to her lifeai??i??literature, inscriptions, artworks. Thereafter I carefully examined the accusations against her. In every case I found, when considered superficially, the insinuation appears highly plausible. But when carefully checked for patterns of logicai??i??does each consequent sensibly follow its antecedentai??i??the conclusions prove spurious and impossible.

Since its publication in 2005, I, Livia has met strong resistance from aficionados of the malignant tradition. I have been accused, often quite menacingly, of unjustifiably attempting to contradict her polemicists from Tacitus to Robert Graves by imposing my own, false opinions about her. Liviaai??i??s innocence is not a matter of opinion but of truth, which only careful and unopinionated evaluation of the historical record can establish.

Dear Reader, do not take my word Livia is undeserving of her reputation as a murderess: discover the reason for yourself.

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