Trafford Publishing Presents: Poetry for the Rightful Thinkers

Poetry For Rightful Thinkers by Trafford Publishing Author Rasheed Olayemi N. Mustapha

Poetry For Rightful Thinkers by Trafford Publishing Author Rasheed Olayemi N. Mustapha

Trafford Publishing author Rasheed Olayemi N. Mustapha is welcomed to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner. Mustaphaai??i??s first book of poetry was published earlier this year. Poetry for the Rightful Thinkers has a unique theme compared to most, read on as Mustapha discusses the darker side of life. His book of poetry offers solutions to many of these untoward characteristics in this day and age.

It has been generally observed that the world is full of mischievous deeds, deceitfulness, assassination, indecent assault, dismay, and moral decadence.

All sectors of the economy in many nations of the world have been polluted due to immorality. Many youths nowadays are frivolous. Reckless quest for wealth is what matters most to them without considering the implications of such ruthless acts.

These have led to numerous anti-social behaviours being done by many youths, such as brigandage, fraud, terrorism, prostitution, hooliganism, hostility and arrogance to mention few. The moral standard of youths is nothing to write home about.

Unexpectedly, the old ones too Cheap reminyl are now economic saboteurs, laying bad examples for coming generations. So, our future is in jeopardy because the young ones of today will obviously be the leaders of tomorrow. HOW CAN YOUTHS WITH LOW MORAL STANDARDS TODAY ACCELERATE NATIONAL GROWTH TOMORROW?

Furthermore, the standard of education is backsliding due to misconducts of students and pollution of the educational sector by stakeholders.

Many graduates of today are academically incompetent and morally weak as well. The good news of scientific breakthroughs no longer come from our tertiary institutions, but that of rape, riot, scamming, theft, addiction, murder and examination racketeering.

Undoubtedly, there is a compelling need for thorough and purposeful attitudinal change among people.

Based on these,ai??? POETRY FOR THE RIGHTFUL THINKERSai??? is a poetical message written to correct these anomalies and restore moral rectitude in people. ai???Only rightful thinking can bring about righteous doings and foster moral correctnessai???.

POETRY FOR THE RIGHTFUL THINKERS has 30 erudite poems with short notes and exercises after each poem to examine the understanding of the readers, which also make the book suitable for use in classrooms.

It is a truly unique package which touches many areas of human life and teaches so many virtues that can promote good living conditions and peaceful co-existence.

The poems also try to correct some irregularities in our society and proffer solutions to some problems being faced in the world. The unique thoughts and ideas used in the Cheap reminyl poems are tailored toward creating an enabling environment for personal development in-terms of serious and meaningful academic pursuit, good moral upbringing, building courage in people to face the test of time, calling attention of people to certain things that urgently need adjustment and reformation in the world, teaching virtues such as punctuality,philanthropism,optimism,foresightedness,hopefulness,endurance and keeping the company of morally upright ones.

The poems also teach people to avoid bad acts such as murder, extravagance, nudity, maltreating prisoners, slandering, sycophancy, hypocrisy, and acquiring money through dubious Instagram spy, Phone spy. means.

The superb publisher, Trafford Publishing, has been so wonderful and encouragingAi??Ai?? to publish POETRY FOR THE RIGHTFUL THINKERS, a quite uncommon work in the literary field.

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